(Season 5, Episode B) Experimental Hackbase Camp

  @ Lanzarote, Canary Islands (Spain)
  8 November -> 9 December (31 days)

What is CHT? + Context

(some pics from previous camps!)

This EXPERIMENTAL HACKBASE CAMP is ... a bunch of people and technology camping in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. About new & deploying existing free technology, theory and art. The goal is to create a functional technological and behavioural recipe/typology (a "lifestyle infrastructure") for a free, post-capitalist society. A lot of work has already been done by the hackbase, and by other people & projects. Everyone is welcome + it's really cheap.

More info:
    * 🔗web - the main site!
    * 🔗newcomers - newcomers guide!
    * 🔗commonground - conceptual basics (why "postcapitalism", etc)
    * 🔗idiots-guide (new!)
    * 🔗season4 (2014-2016) year plan, still relevant
    * 🔗hackbase-type2 - some generals about nomadic, off-grid hackbases

The previous camps:
    🔗season4-A, 🔗season4-B, 🔗season4-C, 🔗season4-D, 🔗season5-A

If you have any additional questions, 🔗faq is a good place to add them.
And follow the mailing list (see 🔗contact on how-to) + IRC #hackbases and #chtotalism (on Freenode).

Coming to base

    Procedure <----

    * Get in contact:
        * send intro mail to or call +38640554854 (/SMS/Telegram/Whatsapp)
        * join the mailing 🔗list, to keep updated

    * Help fix exact timing:
        Mark when you're free in the calendar.
        This will make it easier to set dates & synchronize with others.

    * Get a cheap flight to Lanzarote (ACE):
        Should cost around 50-150€ roundtrip from anywhere in EU.
        See Skyscanner to get an idea.

    * More useful info on pages below, especially 🔗newcomers.

    Crew <----

Current discussions on (🔗list), also see the schedule.

______________________________________ confirmed

Add / Edit: [...

* @dcht00 (web):
    ~end of sept-start of nov (maybe week before, if I go to amsterdam)
    leave to Brussels for 🔗cfp-what-about-politics conference
    Madrid: Oct 25 - Nov 2
    Brussels: Nov 2 - Nov 8 (for 🔗cfp-what-about-politics conference)
    Lanzarote: Nov 8 - Nov 22 (CHT5-B!)
    Tenerife: Nov 22 - Nov 27 (for conference)
    -------------------------- UPDATE
    Lanzarote: returning Nov 28 (CHT5B-2) !!!
    Leaving: ??? probably 1-2 weeks later

* Daniel (from Moscow=):
    Cancelled for November.
    Would be glad to come in December. Marzena, are you a photographer? Let´s get connected.
 * Marzena:
      I'm coming from Berlin sometime between 22-29 November.
      I would like to help in the documentation of the project (mostly photography), brainstorming about marketing/promotion and share some good vibes.

* Daniel (Barcelona):
        8-10 november
    * thegamer/bologna:
        second half of october ?
    * Mischa:
        visitor ~end of october
    * Nicolas:
        For the moment i'm working as a data engineer in sociology&informatics laboratory (their research is focus on innovation's system and society - how it is produced, why, with what consequences, etc.) but at all i'm curious first. Also an explorer too probably
PS : coming from Paris maybe around 14~21 oct
    * traumschule: ???
    * jag: end of october ???
    * [...]


    * move van to another place!
    * raise money, buy new stuff, write new things, develop&deploy new tech
    * (also see: previous subseason at 🔗season5-A and 🔗season5-A_ !!!)

    * project van (🔗trucko):
        * urgently move it from a friend's land, somewhere else: ?
        * try to fix it (but need parts from Europe, delivered by ?)
        * figure out if it's possible to insure it to somebody?
            UPDATE: no risk for people insuring it
        * = make it road ready
    * continue work on the Coop:
        which just landed its first project: 🔗coop-index
    * visit + explore:
        * northern part of the island (under cliff, overlooking La Graciosa)
        * La Graciosa again? (20€ roundtrip)
        * the deserty Fuerteventura (neighbour island) for the first time! (30€ roundtrip)
    * buy:
        * another bike
        * (other things from 🔗ordering)
    * guerrilla gardening:
        * planting on abandoned lands
        * set up independent (no human interaction) watering systems
        * connect with local farmers (which have been asking for technical help)
    * with government:
        * advance the cooperation plan with the local county government (we started talks during CHT5-A)
    * trek & map:
        * more camping spots
        * abandoned fruit trees
        * [...]

    * generator party:
        make a multimedia party in the desert (generator+projector+loud sound)

    * infrastructure development & documentation 🔗tech-tree:
        advance general know hows: architecture, energetics, washing, studio...
        Publish this part of the documentation !!!
    * sensors, cybernetics, data:
        * take more sensor measurements and good audio/video (data + ethnology)
        * work on the Coop project !

    * use our new hypermedia system improvements, and keep writing:
        text-to-graph support (example: 🔗graph-index)
        optimize the website
    * promote + scale + replicate:
        talk about ways to promote and scale the project, and make mainland EU copies
    * hang out, read books, drink wine, eat well, swim in the ocean
    * [...] <-------- add ideas here!

    secondary / next time:
    * buy more Ikea boxes and reorder all our 🔗stuff to fit in the van better
    * buy some new tents and 🔗solar power things
    * develop the music studio - play and record more!
    * for 🔗maps, use new software parts we've developed. And move away from Google.
    * build more electronics?
    * build more textile/wood structures? (need skills + tools)
    * share and curate media and data
    * visit Fuerteventura (the closest other island) with van
    * [...] <-------- add ideas here!


Write any questions here: [...]

And, see 🔗faq for answered questions!



week 1:
    * fetch the 🔗stuff from the van
    * check the 🔗season5-A spot (how it changed in the last months)
    * fixed bike
    * played music @Haria
    * [...]

week 2:
    * go to the North side of the island to fix the main camp
    * van (🔗trucko):
        get parts and fix (with mechanic)
        legalise (insurance), pass technical examination ("ITV"), make road ready
        move to new storage location
        clean up and reorganize
    * wash textiles
    * [...]

    Planned [changing]

week 3:

week 4:
    Return to Lanzarote
    (depends on residents) -- actually, just got a sponsored flight ticket back and that was it
        b) fly out
    * Remake main camp (CHT5B-2):
        a) La Graciosa
        b) North-side, under cliff
        * 4-carry camp (4 full backpacks of equipment)
        * 3-day resupplies, per day:
            3L water, 3L drink water, 1kg food
            == 8L water, 8L drink water, 1kg food == ~20kg backpack
    * work on the van (derusting)
    * [...]

CHT 2018 PLANS ??? <------- add here

See: 🔗planning <--- TODO

    is interested after january 7, 2018
  • collaborate with others for:
  • shopping, cooking food
  • to keep a basic needs infrastructure working
  • write software
  • get interested in what others are doing and want to do
  • explore the landscape
  • swim in the sea
  • etc
  • david:
        coming if >5 come too any time in 2018!

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