CHT4-D (Season 4, Act D) Experimental Hackbase Camp

"New typologies"
  @ Lanzarote, Canary Islands (Spain)
  May 26 2016 to July 12 2016 (48 days)

Last Updated:
    2016-08-12 (post-camp report)


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Context <-- Start Here

This "EXPERIMENTAL HACKBASE CAMP" is ... a bunch of people and technology camping in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. It will be creating new & deploying existing free technology, theory and art. The goal is to create a functional technological and behavioural recipe/typology (a "lifestyle infrastructure") for a free, post-capitalist society. A lot of work has already been done by the hackbase, and by other people & projects. Everybody is welcome + it's really cheap. 

You've already read:
    * 🔗web: the main site
    * 🔗season4: the year plan

Also briefly check what happened on previous camps in this season:
    🔗season4-A, 🔗season4-B, 🔗season4-C

If you have any additional questions, 🔗faq is a good place to add them. And follow the mailing list (see 🔗contact on how-to) + IRC #hackbases and #chtotalism (on Freenode).


    * Write yourself down: (Edit this pad)
    * Probably all the stuff needed for life and work is here:
        except your laptop and electronics
        also see 🔗stuff page
    * You need ~100€/week to cover all costs (includes food, infrastructure maintenance, etc)

Have questions, project or ideas:
    * post to (see 🔗contact to join & post messages)
    * on Freenode IRC: #chtotalism (new) and #hackbases (general discussions)

You will need a flight ticket to Lanzarote (Arrecife / ACE):
    * Check flights on Skyscanner.
    * It should be ~70€ max if you look reasonably (inside EU).
    * If you have problems finding a good flight, mail or for help.

Who's coming & other people involved

YES (Flight Booked / Booking now / In Lanzarote already):
    * David (May 24 from Eindhoven)
    * HairyFotr (May 24, flight from Eindhoven, Transavia 59€)
    * Lorenz (1.6. until 7.6. )
    * wischi Jun 1 23:30 - Jun 15 09:10 (from and to Berlin, 91€ roundtrip, found through and paid with entropay virtual visa for maximum savings, hit me up for help on how to book this price)
    * david from madrid (~june 10th, 4 days) (Booked—Arrive to Lanzarote around 23:30. Stay in the island till 14th June (12:00 to Las Palmas) (plain ticket 40 € from Madrid—Ryanair//50€ to Las Palmas—Binter)
    * <------ new [name, time, contact]

MAYBE : Interested >10%:
    * Ercole ?
    * strfry / Jonathan (necessary condition: more people coming than in -4C )
    * <------ new

RSVP : People from previous lists:
    * Alex (end of Jan, up to Feb 7th? but probably don't want to start Flocking)
    * Jag (maybe ~March 8th for a week)
    * Christoph (mid-March / April)
    * matej ("maybe in summer")
    * Daria (could come late January)
    * Juan (could only come late January :( Or after August. From Germany Frakfurt/Main area)
    * PHM ("maybe in summer")
    * cryptix (bad stuff happend...)
    * Marmeduke
    * Christo Mcc

People also involved:
    * Cumbia
    * Luis
    * [...]

Proposed timeline

The subseason starts whenever the first person flies in. 
This is looking to be ~ May 20th 2016.

    * Flocking in. See 🔗flocking
    * set up a base mini subset:
        * don't use existing 🔗stuff - buy/bring everything anew
        * reason for this is to create a new, super-portable addition to the existing stuff we have
        * temp location:
            * maybe Mala mountains?
            * [...] <--- #TODO
    * prepare for reorganisation of Stuff (storage):
        * possibly bring *all* Stuff to one location (from all current storages)
        * need a car!
        * need to buy new boxes
    * do cool projects
    * possibly move to a Secondary location
    * [...]
    * teardown

Secondary location idea:
    * possibly one of the other islands (Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria)
    * move all the people there + get new people on the spot
    * carry the mini-subset with (on the flight)
    * ship a larger subset of the Stuff there


Tasks, through the framework of 🔗roles:

    * find new storage location
        * (yes, again)
        * move everything ~May 15th before end of May
        * good news is that now storage is weather proof (kind-of? pretty much?)
        * not completely "diggable-in" yet though, I presume
        * need to investigate impermeable storage bags more and hopefully order some before we are on the island <-- #TODO
        * External storage:
            * Make sure everything is outside-proof
            * Systems for #safety
            * Systems for anti-natural effect
            * [...]
        * Storage at people:
            * approach more systematically:
                * list of people that can help
                * to what extend, accessibility, etc

    * buy a car
        * ~300€ budget? <-- actually paid 2000€ in the end
        * study how to do this in advance
        * who is it written on?
        * what to do with it on downtime?
        * [...]

    * start a formal association
        * ... and apply to May Culture/Art grant (80k€)
        * [...]
    * investigate mobility of setup on islands scale ("secondary location")
        * Move between the islands with lab subset
        * possibility to establish sub-bases in other islands?

    * Keep developing the "Hyperbox":
        geo-tagged fluid infrastructure: power, network, sound, etc
    * The mini-🔗stuff subset, oor "Zero box":
        * aka "emergency bag"
        * small tent + sleeping bag + stuff to make food + micro-power, etc
    * Curating past materials:
        * Continue development of "Hypershotwell" (to organise + publish photo documentation)
        * Sift the Internals material and notes (public / private)
        * [...]
    * running water. get a small pump. -> showers, dishes
    * Throw a Generator party:
        see here for inspiration
    * read more !!!:
        * the curated collection in Internals\BOOKS, also see 🔗tt-archive
        * annotate + discuss
        * develop workflow for working with texts
        * also see: parts of 🔗workflow and 🔗hyperreader (stub)

    * [...]

    * "Standard replicable model" for a CHT camp hackbase, via documentation:
        used to build copy at next camps like EMF 2016, SHA 2017, see 🔗calendar

    * Off-grid technical infrastructure:
        * DC-only nomadic solar systems : more 🔗solar
        * audio, network, etc

    * Architecture / Construction (stub 🔗architecture:
        * Subterranean construction
        * Automatized Tarp systems
        * panel hexayurt + unknown fixing system
        * plastic tube construction

    * Hacker Coop: ethical work for everybody:
        see 🔗coop

    * Funding:
        * seriously consider a loan and just buy something in 2016
        * formally associate + work with local culture + education systems
        * improve crowdfunding ...
        * [...]

    * New release of internals:
        * publication of CHT internals (possibly as a middlemachine instance)
        * continue working on 🔗workflow
        * Tektology, Bogdanov and "science of organisation" <-> middlemachine

    * more systematic investigation of external know-how:
        "there has to be books for (all aspects of) this"
            high-tech camp infrastructure / architecture,
            emergent organisation,

    * nootropics (body supplements / cognitive enchancers) knowledge exchange + experimentation + methodologies
    * sports / fisculture:
        * plans and knowledge for everyone who wants to do this.
        * can help to stay healthy (lorenz)
    * :
        put stuff up there

    * [...]


We solved all primary objectives:
    * started a new hackerspace:
        * see
        * serves as storage for CHT stuff (satisfies #1)
        * has a formal association around it and can be a fiscal sponsor for CHT (satisfies #3)
    * bought an amazing old rusty giant van:
        * see 🔗trucko (satisfies #2)
        * this enables mobility between islands (satisfies #4)

Beyond this:
    * we camped in (and so prepared) 16 different sites in Lanzarote:
        * which gave us unprecedented view of nature/culture
        * we can return to those sites
    * because of this developed a number of new typologies (architecture-lifestyle)
    * from the project perspective, residents proved to be fairly unreliable:
        * but the project recognizes it needs to do better at this part
        * failing here is fairly natural as interpersonal protocols evolve, but are not finished yet!
    * we wrote quite a lot of new Workflow code:
        * (more 🔗workflow)
        * e2h/iiindex hypertext system
        * hyperphoto media organisation
        * [...]
    * extended hypertrip (Ljubljana - Vienna - Rotterdam - Eindhoven)
    * strengthened network of great new local people
    * acquired & command new technologies:
        * drone
        * 3LED projector
        * raspberry pi
        * car mechanics (maintenance, derusting)
        * kinect on Linux (skeleton tracking, 3d scanning, ...)
        * [...]
    * a lot of new processes / org patterns were prototyped and improved on:
        * /newcomers (#0)
        * /roles (#1)
        * /ordering and /shipping (#0)
        * [...]
    * [...]

Main deviations from plan:
    * we never really set a full camp (like planned, and in previous subseasons)!
    * [...]

Lifestyle typologies:
    1) "carry all things" camping:
        "leather-tramp" camping on Sites without CHT gear!
        + #squatworking (bars)
        (+5€ PPPD)
    2) liquid renting:
        + work all day at hacklab
        (+5€ PPPD)
    3) full-time at hacklab:
        (work + crashing)
    4) living in caravan:
        (the bought 🔗trucko, a 1984 Volkswagen LT28 van)
        + work all day at hacklab

More soon as the project finishes Season 4 and remodels for Season 5.
🔗contact if you have any specific questions.

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