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    // stickers
Hey, I've checked out some stickers and delivering to Lanzarote seems to be a problem and needs to be self organized. I Googled Pegatina redonda islas canarias etc. They all have exceptions for the islands.

 The prices for 9cm stickers vary from around 45 to 100 euros for 500 pieces with 65 coming from my trusted German sources. There are various materials, what you've got is a simple plastic + adhesive, but there are stickers which you can stick outside and people can easily remove them. The stick without an adhesive by some fancy nano shit. There are also some more sustainable variations. 
Basic stickers are pretty cheap so if you want some, let's make some. :) Check out these ones from me. I know, I know burning man but maybe you like them. Cheers. Andrej

    // End of 2015 - info
Heino bei Göbel
Lerchenstraße 76
22767 Hamburg

    // August 2015 - <3
Hey Dav,
we didn't see each other at the camp anymore, so I wanted to write that it was really interesting to meet you. I'd love to help out with some know-how of formulating trajectories and maybe helping to find out why people would join a hackbase. If you come by to Berlin, let me know. My Twitter is @Designamyte.

    // August 8/2015/@berlin
Chaos Communication Camp 2015 is about to start! \õ/
CHT base + Hackbases related Info : 🔗camp2015-hackbases
More events @ 🔗calendar

    // July 2015 - no topic
What about supporting similar projects in other parts of the world?  Is there a group I could connect with, because this is what I'm working on as well, and I am over in the US (Maine, currently, but willing to relocate). My goal is to have it be as money-free as possible, and have it mostly donated and volunteer run (as in the gift economy), to that anyone can join, even if they have no monetary resources at all.  My very minimal website is here:, and I've got a bit of stuff up at .  Also, the larger goal is for these CREATE spaces to function as bottom-up, emergent government where we work collaboratively with our community/ies to creatively solve problems of getting our basic needs met (high quality food, water, air, warmth, light, information, and outlets for freely expressing the body's excess solids, liquids, gases, and energy) so that everyone has a higher quality of life and can be their best possible selves.
<--------------- New page related to this check 🔗alike

    // 11.07.2015 - Day one on board
It is me, Lorenz. This is an example post. Please leave a message if you are interested. My mail is my@mail.end

    // 15.11.2015 - Sailing to Canarry Islands
Hello to everybody, I am finalizing a purchase of folksong 25 a sailboat. I'd like to offer passage an adventure on board my sailboat to canarry islands along with some storage space maybe for some equipement you would like to keep an eye all the time. I am curently working in Amazon at peterborough geting the necessary funding. And I d love somebody to show me an easy way to set up an bitcoin account and etc having all the time through the passage I think I am months work away from having all the funds but probably it will be more likely 6-8 weeks unless I get some help.

    // 04.01.2015
hello people, i have met some of your guys at the #32c3 and it was an awesome encounter with you. :-)
i am really interested in your project on lanzarote. so i am a guy from germany who is interested
in electronics,renewable energy, agriculture and hydroculture. i would really love to share and enhance experiences with you.
so if anybody is interested to plan a trip and stick together to make things more easier.
I look forward to hearing from you. please contact me on

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