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    * Things we already have:

    * Markets / Suppliers:
        "where to buy things"

    * Address on Lanzarote + details on shipping:

    * What's written in Internals!:
        ->>> #buynow #tobuy

Table of Contents
1 Also see
3 SUBSEASONS (General budgets + what people are bringing)
3.1     CHT5-B <--------- (NOW)
3.2     CHT5-A
3.3     CHT4-D
5 ****************************************
6 LIST - CHT5B ESSENTIAL/DECIDED ("Absolutely need for next subseason")
6.1     (BUY AGAIN/MORE)
6.2     New drone engines: ~40€
6.3     POWER -- bigger AGM battery [~35Ah]: ~60€
6.4     DIY -- power drill + derusting head / wire brush: ~20€
6.5     metrics -- Miband personal tracker: 3x ~60€
6.6     Soldering iron that works in the desert (USB? 12V? gas?)
7 ****************************************
8 LIST - RESEARCHING PRIORITY ("Very important + Undecided")
8.1     Ropes + Anchoring (coverage, pulley supply lines, ...)
8.2     (Waterproof) Remote switch
8.3     General, open, programmable solar charge controller
8.4     Water filtering
8.5     derusting -- Sand blaster
8.6     storage -- impermeable bags
8.7     camping -- outdoor/camp field awareness
9 LIST - BUY ON LANZAROTE (or order)
9.1     New battery for 🔗trucko: ~70-150€
9.3     Camping: bigger gas burner + gas
9.4     Camping: portable 1 person tents
9.5     Camping: foldable chairs
9.6     Camping: foldable table
9.7     media -- "go-pro" like action camera
9.8     Tripod for cameras
10 LIST - PRIMARY ("Buy now!")
10.1     derusting -- heat gun
10.2     sensors -- temperature
10.3     power -- Batteries (18650?)
10.4     workflow -- x220 2tb 7mm HDD >david
10.5     workflow -- x220: displayport -> hdmi (female)
10.6     studio -- x220: audio out splitter
10.7     camping -- Leatherman-like multitool
10.8     DIY -- wood saw
10.9     DIY -- air compressor + paint head
10.10     DIY -- battery drill / driver
10.11     electronics -- basics
10.11.1         PACKS
10.11.2         Male+female pair plugs of some type
10.11.3         heat sinks
10.11.4         (a second) normal Multimeter
10.11.5         Volt/Amp meter with USB ~11$
10.11.6         wire joiners
10.11.7         wire crimp tool ?
10.12     workflow -- Eye tracker >david
10.13     workflow -- E-reader
10.14     studio -- SMALL CLASS AUDIO AMPLIFIER ~15/30W
10.15     studio -- LARGER CLASS-D AUDIO AMPLIFIER >50/100W
10.16     studio -- integrated portable speaker
11.1     power -- portable solar panel ~20W (for USB):
11.2     medicine -- fancy medical supplies
11.3     medicine -- fancy natural remedies
11.4     cooking -- fancy spices not available on the island
11.5     medicine -- nootropics
11.6     Thermal camera
11.7     SPACE BLANKETS (gold/silver stuff)
11.8     collection of magnets
11.9     Lights: solar lamps
11.10     Photo/video Camera
11.11     Portable projector / "picoprojector"
11.12     sensors -- Bunch of cheap sensors/gadgets (37!) + Proto for connecting them
11.13     sensors -- AirPi:
11.14     sensors -- RLab temperature monitoring:
11.15     sensors -- DS18S20 plus
11.16     Desiccant (ANTI HUMIDITY) !!!!!!!
11.17     Power: charge controllers for li-ion batteries
11.18     Power: converter/inverter 12V -> 220V, from Car(plug) or 12V Battery
11.19     1-3x small shitty laptop
11.20     Portable display
11.21     Manual Power / Dynamo / Crank / Bike generator / "Hand Emergency Generator":
11.22     Fireproof battery bag (for Lithium)
12.1     The van
12.2     Domains + servers
13 LIST - BOUGHT + OKAY (curated list)
13.1     10x Lenovo x220:
13.2     Android smartphone ~150€
13.3     Camping: sleeping bags
13.4     camping -- DC water pump for running water / a shower
13.5     power -- DC buck/boost (step-up/step-down) converter ("voltage regulator")
13.6     power -- powerbank without solar
13.7     power -- powerbank + Tiny Solar <5W
13.8     power -- PORTABLE SOLAR PANEL ~50W+ (for laptops)
13.9     lights -- LED LIGHTS (outside-ready + controllable?)
13.10     lights -- Head lamps (cheap)
14.1     Water containers
14.2     Tools for cleaning places up
14.3     Camping: air mattress
14.4     Camping: (inflatable?) sofa/couch
14.5     Power: Long power cords
14.6     decide: good laptop model to replace x220 ?
14.7     Communication: USB Wifi n-standard sticks
14.8     Communication: USB Bluetooth
14.9     Communications: 3G SIM cards
14.10     Transport: Electric bike
14.11     Communication: Ubiquity antennas
14.12     Wireless keyboard
15 LIST - HMM?
15.1     Longboard
15.2     Hybrid Tube Amp for the Raspberry Pi
15.3     "Colloidal Silver" water
16.1     David's Sony Vaio !!!
16.2     Broken Android moto fix
17.1     (CURRENT STUFF)
17.2     X220 upgrades
17.4     Comm -- super portable USB wlan router
17.5     Electronics -- Alligator clips/leads ...
17.6     Camping: big tent
17.7     Transport: Car/Van
17.8     RPI Extras - Camera module
17.9     RPI Extras - SenseHat:
17.10     Asus EEE 701
18.1     use return policies to your advantage !!!
18.2     market intransparency / information asymmetry


    * "ordering lead":
        leads orders, confirms final decisions
        pushes deadlines
        currently david@totalism.org
        <------------- #roles !
    * "main destination":
        shipping place in Europe (to collect + redeliver)
    * "local destination":
        shipping place in Lanza
    * primary / #buynow:
        we need this before the next subseason
    * "urgent":
        buy even if perceived worse price, etc
    * [...]

For "buynow":
    * order has link + expected price
    * order is small enough to carry-on:
        OR is clear where to send
    * can arrive in time to "Main destination":
        OR order to "Local destination"
        IF [extra criteria to develop] ...
If criteria is met, please order.

    * order dating:
        date all ordering research - technology prices drop regularly, useful to track/follow emerging patterns
    * [...]

SUBSEASONS (General budgets + what people are bringing)

#meta #e2h
ideas 2016-12-07:
    * spending plan should autogenerate from "need to buy now"
    * if not "urgent", put in new categories
    * subseason is not happening without sufficient funding
    * [...]

    CHT5-B <--------- (NOW)



See 🔗season5-A.

    * items are listed
    * should raise min 500€ ?
    * above that, 50% should go repay the van


See 🔗season4-D.

    * car 400
    * architecture 200
    * power 200
    * lights 100
    * storage 100
    == 1000€


    + 1500€
    - 600€ (d+m survival)

    + 450€
    - 200€ x220s
    -42,26€ 2* x220 9-cell battery
    -39,99€ Portable Solar ~20W for USB: Monocrystal 25W, 480g, by Suaoki
    -31,99€ Anker PowerCore 20100mAh USB Battery
    -11,99€ Headlamp (usb chargeable)
    -14,35€ Soldering Irons (1xUSB, 1x12V)
    - 109,99€ 52W Solar Panel
    -13€ 2* TA2024 15W Amp
    - flashlight, 1*AA
    -3* Three UK SIM
    * 3* USB lights for powerbanks
    * USB Voltage and Current Displaymodule for monitoring charge current
    * vaporizers

    + profit from x220s


<---------------- (NOW) / (NEW)

    * AA + AAA battery charger on USB (5V) & batteries !!!

    * rubber boat 300€

<kalmbr3 (hacker @madrid)
"very portable cloud with wifi card" + 64mb ram + 16mb flash

    * 18650 charger:
        * http://www.ebay.com/itm/Micro-USB-1A-5V-18650-Battery-Charging-Board-Charger-Module-for-Arduino/191736124171?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

    * truck battery ~ 180Ah

    * digger

    * USB charger doctor

    * Li-ion / li-pol battery:
        * something better than http://www.poweroak.nl/en/product/k2-solar-english/
        * [...]

    * 12V inflation pump:

    * water-tight openings:
        * http://eu.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?qs=%2Fz1ff%2F1Oj01N%252bTUKScSIwg%3D%3D
        * http://www.leadingedgepower.com/shop/store/electrical-accessories-cables/water-proof-cable-entry-gland-982939.html

    * Electronics - Strong Electromotor
        Call a car dump, ask for "wiper motors" ~10-20€
        Two speeds, can return to "home" position if needed (park function)
        12V, about 1-2A free spinning, can be up to 20A on full load / jammed
        The chasis is also the ground
            * winch / pulley
            * solar or big antenna tracking system? (possibly not accurate and efficient enough)
    * Electronics - In-ear bluetooth

    * Camping - carabiner + tool + pulley

    * [...]


LIST - CHT5B ESSENTIAL/DECIDED ("Absolutely need for next subseason")

<----------------------- (NOW)

    * DC regulator (2 broke)
    * ikea bags
    * Lenovo X220
    * [...]

    New drone engines: ~40€
We have a drone with a burnt engine!
#tomerge CHT🔗truco-drone(R/W)

    POWER -- bigger AGM battery [~35Ah]: ~60€

    * around 10kg (backpack carriable)
    * currently we have 12V 14Ah (~40€ on the island)
    * seems that around 30-40Ah is ~50-60€ ?
First example:

    DIY -- power drill + derusting head / wire brush: ~20€

~10€ x2


    metrics -- Miband personal tracker: 3x ~60€
#BUYNOW x3 if <20€
Xiaomi Mi Band: http://www.reddit.com/r/miband/wiki/index
    * can put open source firmware there + app
    * for Qs project inside cht (for Subtime, etc)
    * watch out for fakes
    * check http://www.reddit.com/r/miband/wiki/index for how-to
20€ DE Warehouse with Heartrate tracking

    Soldering iron that works in the desert (USB? 12V? gas?)

Tried but disappointed:
    * 12V 30W:
        didn't work well at all, have to see if we were doing sth wrong
    * 5V 8W USB:
        http://www.banggood.com/Portable-USB-Powered-Mini-5V-8W-Electric-Soldering-Iron-With-LED-Indicator-p-1017109.html?rmmds=search 7€ 8W
        +aross had the same on and it was bad as well, barely useful
        ours seems lost?

12V tocheckout:
    * http://www.banggood.com/DC-12V-24V-72W-DIY-Soldering-Iron-Thermostat-Temperature-Adjustable-T12-Tip-Heating-Core-p-1121228.html?rmmds=search 16€

further options:
    * Heard good things about the DC 5525 <strfry -> http://www.ebay.de/itm/TS100-Digital-OLED-Programable-Soldering-Iron-Station-DC-5525-New-Model-/121921045974
    gearbest.com usb soldering iron. it works! surprisingly well :)


LIST - RESEARCHING PRIORITY ("Very important + Undecided")

    Ropes + Anchoring (coverage, pulley supply lines, ...)

    * http://www.amazon.co.uk/Paracord-Camping-Buidling-Gardening-Bushcraft/dp/B01M8HFR62/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1487340350&sr=8-8&keywords=4mm%2Brope&th=1 100m 3mm 12€ + choose colour :D green-brown<3 ...... WEIGHT:???
    * [...]

    * http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01H3E6YAK?psc=1 10mm 15M 300kg/3KN 25€
    * [...]


I. For structure of covering:
    * holes and caves
    * barrancos[ESP]
        == narrow valleys / canyons / gorges / ravines [ENG]
        == škrbina / vintgar [SLO]
    * volcano craters!

    * 4 or 6mm ropes seem fine, seems ~
    * calculating forces (weight, wind, etc) would be nice
    * [...]

II. For people and cargo pulleys:
    * "ropeway" / "cableway"
    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ropeway
    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-rope_technique
    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Block_and_tackle

    * http://www.appropedia.org/Aerial_Ropeways_in_Nepal
    * http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Aerial_Ropeways
    * http://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2011/01/aerial-ropeways-automatic-cargo-transport.html
    * [...]

    10m helpful,
    100m ideal,
    300m great

III. Climbing support ropes:
    elastic ropes? "sport ropes"
    can only be for "support" with free clambering!


    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caving_equipment#Bolting
    * [...]

    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shear_legs
    * [...]

Also see:
    * 🔗materials
    * lol mini cableway @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DIALkElU-s
    * [...]

    (Waterproof) Remote switch

    * pulleys
    * shower
    * lights
    * circuit breakers
    * [...]

~5-10EUR on ebay

    General, open, programmable solar charge controller

    * under 50€
    * can increase >20%
    * can control AGM and Lipo / Lifepo
    * can be programmed
    * [...]

Looks better:
    * http://www.amazon.de/Signstek-Regler-Laderegler-Display-Wohnwagen/dp/B00W15BRI6/ref=pd_sim_107_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=ZHKXACTNPBFVBPCMRNQG

    * Chrono's ninjassc http://apollo.open-resource.org/lab:ninjascc
    * Libre Solar http://libresolar.github.io/elements/mppt-charger/
    * http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Charge_Controller
    * http://www.opensource-solar.org/
    * [...]

    Water filtering
What technology to buy ???
We'd use it with:
    * rainwater, collected on synthetic tarps (?)
>ww has a:
    Steripen "uv water purifier"
    charges over USB!

    derusting -- Sand blaster

    * "Media blasting" / "sandblasting"
    * "portable sandblaster"
    * http://www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-0901-rust-removal-guide/ #derusting
    * [...]

Something like this???:
    * http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/38-L-10-Gallon-Pot-Bead-Shot-Portable-Sandblaster-Sand-Blaster-Blasting-Cleaning-/130427874115?hash=item1e5e1b6b43:g:nUkAAOSw-jhUGCnH Really that cheap?
    * [...]

Derusting medium:
    * ???
    * "soda" is one ??
    * "dustless blasting" ??
    * can we make or collect our own materials/sand? maybe use "picon" light sharp vulcanic rocks?

    * how much PSI?
    * "throw" size?
    * [...]

    * face/eyes ??
    * breathing ??
    * suit ??
    * [...]

    storage -- impermeable bags
(see Internals for some research)
"kayak" bags ... can get this on lanza? :)

    camping -- outdoor/camp field awareness

perimeter security / outdoor field awareness / motion sensors / camp security system / [find good way to name this]

You are in non-walled architecture, like
    * squatting
    * wild camping

The purposes are:
    * timely detection !
    * silent alarm (for the people inside) to prepare
    * deterrent / prevention of entry

    * IR Sensors:
        for outdoor you want active infrared detector (AIR) not PIR -passive-
    * Sonar:
        HC-SR04, range ~4m, cheap

Specs brainstorm:
    * 100m range perimeter would be good
    * [...]

    * http://opensourcesentrygun.org lol

Alarm sounds :D :
    http://www.flashkit.com/imagesvr_ce/flashkit/soundfx/Electronic/Alarms/Military-TM-7797/Military-TM-7797_hifi.mp3 lol


Shopping rule for Lanzarote:
    * if we need it now
    * ... and it's <20€ / 30% difference
    * ... we buy it here and now

    New battery for 🔗trucko: ~70-150€

    * We are often away for >3 months without running. For this reason longevity of the battery is important.
    * [...]


A normal 12V lead car battery:
    would set us back about 70€, or ~1€ per Ah?
    I think we'd need something like a 100Wh.

    I believe investing into AGM would make sense, as we can also use it as an auxiliary battery? For other stuff?
    The best, if possible, would be to split it into 2-4 batteries, so we can also take them out?
    TODO: But maybe AGM's are not suitable as the main car battery for some reason, and they're a better auxiliary battery?

    is probably not super smart, also a fire risk?


    ikea boxes
    120L + lid ~ 25€
    65L + lid ~ 15€
    are sort of water-proof with a vinyl lid + some desiccant

Checking out:
    * saw ~300L with lid at Toom (Leipzig) for ~25€ !!!
    * http://shopnl.engels.eu/webshopnl_en/products/bins-pallets-and-palletboxes/transport-storage-bins.html (via tg)
    * "Bought lots of Bauhaus Regalux(R) Boxes. They are a bit cheaper than IKEA and have a snapping lid (360° support)" <strfry
    * [...]

    Camping: bigger gas burner + gas

    Camping: portable 1 person tents

    Camping: foldable chairs
Probably ~10€ in 

    Camping: foldable table
use the foldable wood "goat" design?

    media -- "go-pro" like action camera

small, portable, durable
best on mount/stand !!!
for long-shots (setup/teardown)

Mobius 1 £50~
very good but wish bitrate was higher. use class 4 micro sd cards because that's all it needs = hench low bitrate moan. still i like mine a lot. harder to get now.
configure via editing text file dumped on sd card. easy because it says what the options have a description in the text file. You don't have to use non-free m$ or android app. make a gnu/linux gui script if you like :)
waterproof case, not bad i have one http://www.joovuu.com/gb/cases/103-mobius-waterproof-case.html

Mobius 2 £70-80
firmware is still has unwanted bugs but 1080 60fps works good. firmware updates are being released & devoloped.
Very HIGH bitrate equlivante thanks to using h265. so for 40Mbs it gets few times more quality than if you used h264 @40Mbs
like mobius 1, configure via editing text file dumped on sd card.
new very efficant SOC 1-3w i think wheres other ones are 3w++, i forget, please check

raw footage, use megatools to download http://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/m2-footage-dash-and-action.20624/ Megatools: http://megatools.megous.com/

uk offcial supplier: http://www.minidvcameras.co.uk/product/mobius-action-camera-2-mini-dvr/

60fps @1080p
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                       : 0.319

ACC audio :( 
Bit rate mode                            : Variable
Bit rate                                 : 125 Kbps (meh, wish it was higher)
Maximum bit rate                         : 256 Kbps (not so bad)
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Channel(s)_Original                      : 1 channel
sounds alright

GIt2 (£80)
yet another non-free wifi  crap but has screen to review and set all options.
water proof case
good video, wish bitrate was higher.
gets lots of good reviews.
RAWS: http://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=AFActalK#page=login
mobius2 with h265 @ max bitrate i think can look better in the same light as the raws above. due to more data saved.


firefly Q6
in low light it doubles the frames in 60fps mode automatically. no override
small screen to set options
same shape as mobius
in gearbest flashsale it was £40
i fear compression looking at youtube recompressed uploads, hard to find raws

BEST ONE? idk anymore. if spend +£100
YI 2 4K:
    Video better than gopro hero4 black. low light/night is a lot better.
    Audio not so good. Still no firmware update with new bluetooth mic support.
    no micro hdmi.
    good cheap water proof case. around £20 or less i think
    prev model had hacks to enable cool stuff like higher bitrate.
    proprietary app :( boo boo! use touch screen instead. can set all options via it.
    lot lot lot cheaper than gopro. gearbest flash sale £160!!!!
    water proof case flash sale £24: http://www.gearbest.com/action-cameras-sport-dv-accessories/pp_362267.html?wid=11
    YI prev model hacks:
yet another 4k 30fps:

Bluetooth Mic? you ask?
With BT 4.* there is new diff audio options:
APT-X = lossless hifi audio like flac etc
APT-X Low Laternace = not lossless i think but still very high quality but with less lag. idea for when watching tv with wireless headphones. lip sync is fine.
APT-X Live = for real time, live audio like stage,show,conference,performance,talk,etc. what i expect/guess is used for a BT mic. more compression but i guess its still very high quarlty for voice but i guess not so for music?

    Tripod for cameras
really need a solution for this ("live" + buildup/teardown etc)

LIST - PRIMARY ("Buy now!")

    derusting -- heat gun
for primer drying etc
via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hZ8uDG4NGY

    sensors -- temperature
absolute PRIORITY we do NOT do this season without 24/7 temperature monitoring !!!!!!

we have:
    * 3x some temperature sensor <miha (for david)
    * ... but still needs to be built?
    * [...]

maybe a 20€ weather station would do?

    power -- Batteries (18650?)
18650 (from one of the ~5 manufacturers (panasonic, lg, samsung, ...), to evade fakes) vs china...
pre-order a bunch of reputable 18650.
research + put 50€ into that please!
we definitely need 18650s to experiment with + change in old batteries etc


"this is the best one, any other supposedly better ones will be fakes"

    workflow -- x220 2tb 7mm HDD >david

    workflow -- x220: displayport -> hdmi (female)
#BUYNOW !!!!!!!!!!!! x2
(need for projector)
~1.2€ form china
~5€ germany

    studio -- x220: audio out splitter

#BUYNOW if 3€ x3

    male small jack with TWO rings ("stereo out + mono mic in") --> double female big jack !!!
(so an electric guitar can be plugged in)

this is a "Y-cable"?

can also buy parts ???

    * http://www.banggood.com/Vention-3_5-mm-Jack-0_98ft-Male-to-Female-Mic-Headphone-Splitter-Extension-Audio-Cable-for-iPhone-p-1126608.html?rmmds=search (says it does this)
    * http://www.banggood.com/3_5mm-Male-to-2-Dual-Female-Jack-Splitter-Headphone-Y-Audio-Cable-p-967834.html?rmmds=search

    camping -- Leatherman-like multitool

~30€ !!!!!!!!!!!!
ww: "reasonable one ~25€"
SOG make really nice ones with gears :D http://www.heinnie.com/Pocket-Tools/SOG-Multi-Tools/SOG-Powerlock-EOD-Crimper-Scissors/p-94-224-4728/ i have one, and im pleased with it. well made.  
ww: I cannot bring one unless someone finds one without a knife, I have carryon luggage only.  you can remove the blade on the sog mutitools. as you can swap the bits.

    DIY -- wood saw

    * rotary / circular saw
    * miter / "cut off" saw ~100-150€ ?
    * reciprocating saw / jigsaw

    * http://www.instructables.com/id/Woodworking-How-To-Use-4-Basic-Saws/
    * "Reciprocating saws are for not delicate work and cut fast, the blades bend if you let the tip of the blade bounce on your work. Circular saws are for relatively straight cuts, their blades do not break or bend, readily. ... A jig saw is for cutting curves, a circular saw is not."

    DIY -- air compressor + paint head


    DIY -- battery drill / driver
battery drill for screws

    * most draw a lot of power (?)
    * best to get li-ion ??
    * should be hackable (to power from own batteries / sources)

    electronics -- basics


    * screws
    * capacitors
    * wire sleeves
    * [...]

        Male+female pair plugs of some type

 ... "Lab" plug?:
    so we can snip and solder those inbetween wires....
    We used "cinch" before, but that is not correct for higher Amps, and clumsy to work with (just a salvage solution of what was 

TODO: What to use ???
XT30 for under 20A and XT60 for more and for even more XT90 search banggood and aliexpress and hobby king. amass brand are good ones. lots of cheap crapy xt30s that don't fit with official from hobyking around too. they work just have to push apart the pins a bit for tighter fit on the not so good ones. other wise they make for good outdoor suteribl connectors. not patented but amass made mods which are patented :|

        heat sinks

what kind? size? price?

need for:
    * voltage converters
    * audio amps - amps are ok, they come with the heatsinking they need for music, if playing constaint tone/wave at max vol then think about heatsink upgrade-
    * LEDs
    * [...]

        (a second) normal Multimeter
have one, would be cool to have another one
    * connect to USB in a way that can be used with Linux
    * target price ~40€
    * needed features: ?
    * also need extra leads, alligator leads, etc ("periphernalia")

    * red pitaya?

        Volt/Amp meter with USB ~11$
7 MODE USB MONITOR - DROK USB Pocket Digital Multimeter is a very useful tool that can be used to measure voltage, current, capacity, and power going to your phone/battery pack. Use the button to choose between 7 different modes. It is a very handy device to evaluate whether or not the computer, USB wall charger, USB car charger are outputting acceptable voltage and current range for the device you are connecting.

These things are super handy, even the simplest 1$ from China. This one looks more sophisticated.

        wire joiners

        wire crimp tool ?

nah, we have the cool Yugoslavian one for now

    workflow -- Eye tracker >david
~100€ (says Yta)

    workflow -- E-reader
#buynow !!!!!!
Information for Germany ONLY, check shipping to other countries
UPDATE November 2016:
ok so, the used paperwhite with backlight for 70€ - http://www.amazon.de/gp/offer-listing/B00CTUKFNQ/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used
Worth getting 3G for €90? If using purely for reading function what is the point?
Storage not listed: 2GB

used: http://www.amazon.de/s/ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank?keywords=kindle&fst=as%3Aoff&rh=n%3A340843031%2Cn%3A671885031%2Cn%3A671895031%2Ck%3Akindle%2Cp_89%3AKindle%7CAmazon&qid=1460224977&sort=price-asc-rank
used outside amazon: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=kindle&LH_ItemCondition=3000&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xkindle+-fire.TRS0&_nkw=kindle+-fire&_sacat=0
    ----------> So:
        * Sony:
            * PRS-T3 nima več stylusa
            * Sony PRS-T2 še ima stylus, used ~80€ @ ebay.de
        * Kindle Paperwhite ima:
            * backlight, 300ppi vs 167ppi
            * maybe free 3G >> if it's still hackable, definitely 3G #TODO
        * Kindle Voyage:
            * vs Paperwhite: http://www.trustedreviews.com/opinions/kindle-voyage-vs-kindle-paperwhite
            * basically luxury, no need
            * [...]
        * [...]
    ww: get a paperwhite in Germany, because it has a backlight, used ~70€ on ebay

Information for UK:
Cheapest used paperwhite with backlight in 'good' condition £65 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B00CTUKFNQ/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used
Outside Amazon 'Grade A refurbished' for £64 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Amazon-Kindle-Paperwhite-DP75SDI-6th-Generation-2GB-Wi-Fi-6in-KN0101-/291937187002?hash=item43f8cff4ba:g:G34AAOSwXeJYIdhX 

Information for US:
Current sale on refurbished paperwhite, November 2016 $79.99: http://www.amazon.com/Certified-Refurbished-Paperwhite-E-reader-High-Resolution/dp/B00QJEL42Y?tag=selectallsite-20 

#buynow !!!!!!
    2x ordered: http://www.ebay.de/itm/271844310953 6.20€/p

Sound: Amp Info:
    * YJ/Yuan - Jing recommended on http://diyaudio.com/ but they also did send me ones that were working but the power connector was incorrectly made and had to be replaced and the coroner of a cap was chipped away. but there quarlty of compnets is good. which is why people buy stuff from them. i plan to buy there products from aliexpress or http://banggood.com next time. service replies from YJ take a weeks. they did ship farly quickly <--------- [recovered] "dont buy there lm1016 tunning board. tis shit. :( stick to boards talked about on diyaudio forum"
    * http://hifimediy.com/ really well made, good componets, fantastic noise floor (none) but cheap screw terminals, good service. accepct bitcoin payments too :). they only sell old tripath amps boards. 
    * Sure: http://store3.sure-electronics.com make ok boards of TI amps but there own brand of copy amp IC’s aren’t recommended.
    * find out/check info about boards on the http://diyaudio.com/ forum.

Amplifier Board, 2x15W, 50€
Class-D / Class-T ("improved + proprietary tech")
Class-D amp PCB (low power, like 15W one) / usb sound card, [...]
http://www.dx.com/p/jtron-ta2024-dc-12v-double-track-15w-15w-car-pc-hi-fi-mini-digital-amplifier-board-green-266128 <chrono here: http://apollo.open-resource.org/mission:tech:odyssey:audio
i suggest buying x10, having a workshop #buynow >> ni 10x velik --> 100E?
i would stongly recommend, instead getting amp boards using the TPA3116. very popular on diyaudio forum. really really good THD and very very efficient too. with thick PCB copper as heatshink too. it really does only need tiny heatshink! very cheep too! £9 inc post from banggood. good noise floor.
pcb disign by diyaudio forum member:
    * http://www.banggood.com/50W50W-TPA3116D2-Digital-Power-Amplifier-Board-Official-Version-p-972892.html (personly i would try buying from here because i hope they will send ones that aren’t damaged but other wise just as good quality)
    * http://www.yuan-jing.com/tpa3116-class-d-2-0-stereo-amplifier-board-50w-50w (i have two of these)
    * this one also look ok from the tiny amount of info about it on the diyaudio forum. the advantage of this on is, that i think it won't make a pop sound when you switch it off (?) http://www.yuan-jing.com/tpa3116-class-d-2-0-stereo-amplifier-board-anti-pop
    * http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/class-d/237086-tpa3116d2-amp.html 500 pages! eek
You will need a DC-DC boost converter to make sure you run them at around 24v to get the best out of them!
i find they peak around 3A. so a half decent (for nosie floor) 100w DC-DC boost converter will do.
or run off a 19v laptop PSU. does the job.

also hifimediy T3(?) is designed to work from lower voltages than there other boards but sill needs 24v to max out and best thd. has an even quiter nosie floor, you have to have your ear right up close, into the speaker to hear it. where the tpa3116 boards still be up to the speaker just a few cm less. has a big heatsink and i feel that it getts hotter and current wise i remember seeing it use more than tpa3116.

for a smaller 30w or less there is the TPA3110 from TI
mono/bridged mode/PBTL is 30w other wise stereo is 15w. same family as the tpa3116/8 same good thd.
heres a stereo 30w (they must have used 2 amps to do that) built in batt power amp, ive ordered on in the sale (£13), will see how good it is.
batt not user replaceable, i believe, tech skills needed
note that bluetooth is old one not latest bt4 with apt-x :( so no lossless wireless audio only lossy recompressed bt 2.1 audio :(

~30€ (incl Shipping) from China
(ww: I can take this to lanza and we buy another one for my flat, so we don't have to wait for the new one to arrive)

the sure own brand IC’s are really cheeply designed, i remmber reading a detailed techinal review... they skipped on the things they would have been better to have. there output power, when below 1%thd is only half the rated power too, though that's the case with most amps.

So instead i would recommend:

    studio -- integrated portable speaker

Has to have:
    * outdoor resistant
    * jack IN
    * [...]

Looking at:
    * Anker SoundCore 2 (12W)
    * [...]


    power -- portable solar panel ~20W (for USB):

    <hamish : "bimblesolar is the place for ethical cheap solar." (UK)
    <matic : FairPhone recommended WakaWaka in a newsletter

Monocrystal 25W, 480g, by Suaoki, 43€
    * AUKEY 21W 417g ~60E http://www.amazon.de/Solarladeger%C3%A4t-Dual-Port-Maximaler-Output-weitere/dp/B019OBETES/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1459636730&sr=8-14&keywords=usb+solar+power+bank ------>> če je to res zgleda dober buy
    * SUAOKI 20W ~500g 50€ http://www.ebay.de/itm/NEW-Suaoki-20W-Solar-Panel-Faltbare-Portable-Dual-Port-Solar-Ladegerat-/291654798551?hash=item43e7fb0cd7:g:1QMAAOSwX~dWjjRe
    * SUAOKI 25W 55€ http://www.ebay.de/itm/Suaoki-25W-Foldable-Portable-Dual-Port-Solar-Charger-for-iPhone-iPad-Samsung-/262146474955?hash=item3d0925c3cb:g:gvIAAOSwiwVWSYTX
    * Anker 21W 60€ http://www.amazon.de/Anker-PowerPort-2-Port-Solarladeger%C3%A4t-weitere/dp/B012VQMGCA/ref=pd_sim_sbs_23_2?ie=UTF8&dpID=41td%2BXSnFcL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=1MZHFJ584ZTFN062Q803
    * PortaPow 15W 40€ http://www.amazon.de/PortaPow-2%C2%A0Regendicht-Solar-Ladeger%C3%A4t-Portable-Electronics/dp/B00Z7382EG/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1459812991&sr=8-9&keywords=portable+solar
    * KingSolar 14W 36€ http://www.amazon.de/KINGSOLAR-USB-Port-Ladeger%C3%A4t-Smartphone-Bluetooth/dp/B01A6X4J4S/ref=pd_sim_sbs_23_1?ie=UTF8&dpID=414eaEjUuQL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=0EXX8BHTN4K39YAX7CR0
    * XT-XINTE 16W 60€ http://www.amazon.de/XT-XINTE-Effiziente-Flexible-Bendable-Portable/dp/B00T5VQSUQ/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1459813053&sr=8-18&keywords=portable+solar
    * over 70E are ok, but way too much E http://www.mimovrste.com/solarni-polnilci?o=_price <--------- te brandi so nateg cenovni, par besed o tem tudi na 🔗solar ("for nomads")
    * ebay and china mostly looks like cheap, fake data, no surge protection, etc.:
        >> @fake data: inflated numbers (says 200.000 mAh, is too cheap for even 20.000 mAh, "charges your iphone in 1 hour", ...)
        >> would not buy without knowing more. nekje videl slovensko stromar debato da kupijo in pomerijo par ciklov preden upajo uporabit (no source).

    medicine -- fancy medical supplies
what could we get?

    medicine -- fancy natural remedies

    cooking -- fancy spices not available on the island

    medicine -- nootropics

+david and +hairy have a ton of research

    Thermal camera
Commercial offering (FLIR, Seek) seems >200EUR for basic models
Standalone or as micro-usb smartphone module?

DIY: http://github.com/maxritter/DIY-Thermocam (What's the cost? Seems sensor is already >150EUR)
    * Finding hot/cool places in desert
    * Finding heat leaks in old houses
    * Checking materials (heat accumulation / insulation)

Cheap alternative?
DIY: Spot IR sensor (~5-20EUR) and 2 servo motor system to do imaging

    SPACE BLANKETS (gold/silver stuff)
(for anti-sun tent isolation tests)
different factors ???:
    * size
    * price
    * endurance / quality ???
will they work?

    collection of magnets

    * hold things together / down somewhere
    * [...]

    Lights: solar lamps
saw some at JYSK, Lidl - panel, battery were small
we can probably do better via the big panels + batteries

    Photo/video Camera

Probably 500€ ?
Lenses: ?

    Portable projector / "picoprojector"

order specs:
    * ~300€ budget
    * own battery for ~2.5 hours would be cool
    * [...]

    * (smartphone with built-in) Samsung Galaxy Beam:
        ebay says >400$
        wasn't bad, released ~2012
    * [...]

info + experts:
    * <Dan: check lumens, but didn't have recent research
    * http://hamishcampbell.com/en/home/-/blogs/cheap-travel-small-screening-projector :
        * <Hamish: reccomends "ECsee-ES130-Mini-DLP-Projector" (~2016-04)
        * 2016-10 is sold out, price at 100 pounds
        * "800 lumens" looks like bullshit
    * [...]

some models (before):

some models (~2016-02):
    * optoma pk320 ~300 pounds ~80-100 lumen looked good (back in 2012-2014)
    * asus s1?
    * phillips picopix?
    * 854x480, 120 Lumens, 10W, 2500mAh battery, 146g, 219€, Estimated delivery 11-31 May :/
    * 320*180, LCD, lol ~40EUR  :)
    * 480*320, LED, 60 Lumens, 25W, no battery, 270g, $67.69 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-Home-Cinema-Theater-Mini-LED-LCD-Projector-1080P-HD-HDMI-AV-USB-VGA-TV-/272052337279?hash=item3f57953a7f:g:d~QAAOSwnipWUCLk
    * 640*480, DLC, 150 Lumens, 10/30W, 750g, 170x136x70mm, $73.99
    * 854x480, 120 Lumens, ?W, 2500mAh battery, 300g, Android, $237.90

            €€€ Olivan UNIC UC50:
                854*480, DLC, "800 Lumens", 10W, 1500mAh battery, 130g, 76x70x24mm, HDMI
                HDMI ... do we need a displayport converter for x220? >> 9€
                CABLE: http://www.amazon.de/dp/B00Z05JMKO ... vga->dp possibly even less.
                Would be good to find one in EU to avoid crappy customs...
                150€ http://www.amazon.de/dp/B01EWT4RSU/
                189.90€ http://www.amazon.de/dp/B01ASYWH5S

laser projectors

    sensors -- Bunch of cheap sensors/gadgets (37!) $24 + Proto for connecting them $8
For more see ebay : raspberry gpio

    sensors -- AirPi:
Low-cost modular set for quality environmental monitoring
$90 premade: http://www.tindie.com/products/tmhrtly/airpi-kit/

    sensors -- RLab temperature monitoring:
http://rlab.org.uk/wiki/RLab_Temperature_Monitoring sounds like what ya want
Total cost: £8

    sensors -- DS18S20 plus
total cost: 18,50€ if you get everything from germany (DS18S20+OpenLog+microSD 4GB)
Someone would need to hack the firmware to make it work and that someone is not me.

    Desiccant (ANTI HUMIDITY) !!!!!!!
Silica pads
"""Surrounded by dehydrated epsom salts (anhydrous magnesium sulfate). Much cheaper than silica packets.""" http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205065477550132&set=gm.10154017330549360&type=3&theater
? what do we use at home - some big tablets + plastic water container
Magnesium carbonate = chalk that athletes/climbers use... also a supplement :)
I have seen a very interesting and cheap material for this, gonna ask for the name >strfry
It's sold as a soil improver, increasing moisture holding capability

    Power: charge controllers for li-ion batteries
for maybe 18650 etc
what to do with 18650s?!
1) from solar directly !!!!
also see Internals
2) from 220V AC
3) from 12V DC

    Power: converter/inverter 12V -> 220V, from Car(plug) or 12V Battery

More to research:
    * Should be "clean" I guess? So it won't fuck up the batteries, or is this a myth?
    * Or get a "current cleaner" separate?

Got this one:

    1-3x small shitty laptop
Example models:
    * asus eee, old lenovos, acer one, chromebooks?
    * asus x200m (touchscreen, cheap, but weak) http://sajan.io/blog/asus-x200m-perfect-linux-ubuntu-xubunu-utility-laptop
    * ask publicly + people directly for donations !!!!
    * spending 50€ would also be okay
    * (note that RPi is better in absolute and per watt, but needs VNC / screen / keyboard ...)

    Portable display
You can now get USB 3.0 powered displays (x220: i7 model has one, you can get expresscard 3.0... not sure about adequate power output)
#TODO are there any so cheap that they make more sense than VNC tablets?

    Manual Power / Dynamo / Crank / Bike generator / "Hand Emergency Generator":

    * "Hand Emergency Generator"
    * "Free Power" products
    * [...]

    * a stand to fix a bike and pedal in place
    * try to get at least 50W out of that??
    * (David) I did 120W steady, 300W peaks in public some test (not sure if proper measured)

30W Hand crank, 120€:

For bikes:
    * see "cadence", ideal 90RPM ?
    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cycling_power_meter
    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_performance#Energy_output:
        "Maximum power levels during one hour range from about 250 W ("healthy men") to 500 W (exceptionally athletic men) "
        --> The required food can also be calculated by dividing the output power by the muscle efficiency. This is 18-26%. From the example above, if a 70 kg person is cycling at 15 km/h by expending 60 W and a muscular efficiency of 20% is assumed, roughly 1 kJ/(km∙kg)extra food is required
    * [...]

    * RANDOM BIG DYNAMO: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dynamo-48-Volt-1000-Watt-Drive-Motor-Scooter-Bike-48V-1000W-/222200694010?hash=item33bc3184fa:g:NmgAAOSwe7BWxSLA 1000W 70€
    * http://www.banggood.com/Wind-power-Wind-Driven-DC-Generator-Dynamo-Hydraulic-Test-6V-12V-24V-Motor-p-1008697.html?rmmds=search ~20W 10€ "for >700mm wind blades"
    * [...]

    Fireproof battery bag (for Lithium)

What's up with these?

Useful when running anything full-time in the van?


    The van

See 🔗trucko.
Need ~400€ to get the thing going (including fixing it, registration and insurance, some tools).

    Domains + servers

Cost ~50€ /year. Paid ~February.

LIST - BOUGHT + OKAY (curated list)
for BASICS and LIM0 (re-distribution project)

This is "horizontal scaling" - what is generally needed individually.
See 🔗lim0 (upcoming).

    10x Lenovo x220:
    * crowdfund... indiegogo (HairyFotr: I've seen GoFundMe for personal campaigns a lot, and CrowdSupply for hack / libre projects)
    * ~2500-3000E up front?
    * sell for 150E to donors
    * http://ktgee.net/post/49423737148/thinkpad-guide (Really good buying guide)
    * http://senk9.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/lenovox220/ ("The Last of Breed")

    Android smartphone ~150€

Asus Zenphone 2 Laser seems ok?
(david got one 2016-10)

    * touchscreen is making random presses after a few months
    * bloatware sucks
    * Linux support for MTP is annoying
    * [...]

    Camping: sleeping bags

    * most brand shops sell for 70€
    * must be small (travel-ready), ~600-800g
    * comfort temperature as low as 15 or 14°C (not more!)
    * ... but some would best go down to ~8°, not only 13°C?
In Lanzarote:
    * 40€ for a Berg sleeping bag @Sportzone:
        (Berg DUNITE 15 light, 880g)
        <hairyfotr worked fine, slept outside tent most days. Packed very tightly, is light.
    * [...]

    camping -- DC water pump for running water / a shower

Works great, just add some irrigation-grade hose and spray "shower head".
Could also run from 5V without boost? <--- #TODO

    power -- DC buck/boost (step-up/step-down) converter ("voltage regulator")

#CHINA #BUYNOW x2 if <20€
Need >100W ? and a variable output that covers 20V (usually is something like 10-35V)

    * we got one for cht4c that was great.
    * this looks okay ~8€ -> http://www.ebay.de/itm/DC-DC-Boost-Wandler-Modul-3V-auf-35V-Step-up-Power-Supply-Converter-Module-/251744893683?hash=item3a9d2a3af3:g:-coAAOSwD0lUgWv~ yea good IC, i have one like it. it can output 3xthe input voltage. this one also looks better than mine.  -- Looks good, nice to have more displays and switches :)
    * [...]

bought cht5a:
    9.5€ ---> DROK® Small DC Buck Volt Converter Step Down Voltage Regulator Module Board 4-38V to 1.25-36V 5V/12V Portable Adjustable Output Voltage Stabilizer Transformer Switch for Car Motorcycle Generator Vehicle Fan Motor with Digital LED Volt Meter

    power -- powerbank without solar

example (possible to find better?):
    http://www.amazon.de/dp/B018RGUUZ8?psc=1 17€, 13000mAh ... ~1.5€ for 1Ah !!! + looks quality

Get an Anker Powerbank, they are the best <-- [strfry]
And IF you get power banks, think about how you are going to charge them!


(merging these "powebrank guides" in):
    * http://www.facebook.com/notes/stylefree-asia/dont-buy-power-bank-before-you-read-this/168991523289769/
    * http://www.techgarage.my/power-bank/buying-guide/

    power -- powerbank + Tiny Solar <5W

got in cht5a:
    * http://www.amazon.de/Powerbank-12000mAh-Ausgang-iPhone-Ladekabel/dp/B01B5STZKQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=ce-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1487294415&sr=1-1&keywords=aukey+solar+powerbank
    * 1W solar panel
    * TODO: how much % does it charge in a day? >matic


3W+10Ah, Monocrystal, 422g by GRDE, 39€

    * anti:
        "maybe a shit idea, just get powerbank + solar panel separately"
    * pro:
        was meant as an easy solution for powering a rpi, timelapse camera, a sensor array, or sth

        * <1W panels are total gimmicks IMO -------->> s tem nimamo nekih izkušenj, eni so prinesli ampak nikol nisem videl tega uporabljat...
        * http://www.mimovrste.com/solarni-polnilci?o=_price
        * http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&LH_FS=1&LH_RPA=1&_nkw=solar%20powerbank&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684
        * 350mA(~2W), 8000mAh,(probably also ~24h),~250g,~30E : http://www.amazon.de/EasyAcc-portables-Ladeger%C3%A4t-Taschenlampenfunktion-Technologie/dp/B01B73SIH0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1459635208&sr=8-2&keywords=usb+solar
        * 550mA(~3W, mono-crystal!), 10000mAh,(stated 24h of sun to charge),~400g,~40E : http://www.amazon.de/Ultrad%C3%BCnne-Betrienben-Akku-Pack-Aluminium-Legierung-Doppel-USB-Ausgang/dp/B00VJZP9L0/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1459636730&sr=8-13&keywords=usb+solar+power+bank

    power -- PORTABLE SOLAR PANEL ~50W+ (for laptops)
OPTION 1 :  SUNKINGDOM 52W Solar Ladegeräte (24 V DC bis 5V USB Dual Ausgang Ladegeräte) für Laptop, Akku, Netz Bank, iPad, iPhone und mehr 
OPTION 2 : same, but 16V !!!!!!!!
Chrono input ... tldr, 24V might be a bit better but same thing:
[17:59:04] <chron0> ah mk,y in the data the kingolsar (first link) theyre oing for 23.5% while the second has only 18.5 - this is mot likely cell eff, so you can calculate a little less for module efficiency due to the bypass diodes they never mention
[18:03:12] <chron0> 50W for 110E is also not a total rip-off
[18:04:55] <chron0> old thinkpads with 16v may run directly in direct sunlight the 19v of the newer laptops probably need some step-up
[18:35:37] <chron0> dcht00: and yeah, imho the 4v step up/down makes no real difference, other that in what quality you can obtain a converter for a given price, technologically, but I'd guess there is more step-down than step-up in the off-the-shelf market specially when coming from a somewhat standard voltage like 24V
[18:36:37] <chron0> and higher voltage will always have less copper losses on the wire

    lights -- LED LIGHTS (outside-ready + controllable?)

We need:
    * some sort of WEATHER PROOF OUTSIDE lighting !
    * maybe: LED light strip / tube ???
    * maybe: "baustrahler" ("Building light")

Nice to have:
    * have programmable colors + moods / "blinkenlights"
need to know prices / meter etc ~30€
get WS2810 "full color, single programmable"
Also look for APA102 (like WS2810/2, but with separated data/clock pins)

Camp light:
    http://www.ebay.de/itm/252241196898 search for "LED Baustrahler"


AUDEW 5m 30 LEDs/m 5050 SMD RGB LED Strip Streifen WS2812B (IP67 Waterproof)
5m, 42€, runs on 5V
is this cheap or expensive?
what could we replace it with?
is it difficult to split?
control: ???

    lights -- Head lamps (cheap)

5€ decathlon LED lights
nice. 2xAAA


3€ from China
the rechargeable USB never worked well. broke soon.


    Water containers
for showers, etc
~5€ for 10L
for storage of rainwater (open): ?

    Tools for cleaning places up
* shovel, pick axe
* "gardening tools": sickle / skythe, pick axe, haw, [...]
* cleaning rubble: bags, buckets, [...]
* fix it up: cement, fix wood, [...]
* Camping (pole) hammer? rocks are stupid
* Wire brush (to clean generator spark plugs)

    Camping: air mattress
big one ~20€, Intex
quality: not so perfect (seems ~2-4 weeks of camping)

    Camping: (inflatable?) sofa/couch

    Power: Long power cords
we have a hacky temp solution

    decide: good laptop model to replace x220 ?

"in the future (2016)":
    * Lenovo x260 12" ~1300E (one memory slot)
    * Lenovo x1 Carbon 14" ~2000E (expensive)
    * Dell Inspiron 7359 13" ~900E (battery)
    * Asus, Lenovo Yoga, ...

    Communication: USB Wifi n-standard sticks

    Communication: USB Bluetooth

    Communications: 3G SIM cards

We're using prepaid Lebara atm!
More at CHT🔗cht-role-comm(R/W).

    Transport: Electric bike
Ofcourse not this one, but 1400$, huge battery, performance bike http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flux-electric-bikes-with-attitude#/

    Communication: Ubiquity antennas
Probably too big for transport
Can order from a mail-in vendor in Las Palmas

    Wireless keyboard
nah, rather just openssh?



    Hybrid Tube Amp for the Raspberry Pi

    "Colloidal Silver" water
##alt-medic #move (not sure where to put this)


    David's Sony Vaio !!!
maybe <200€ ?
in that case it would make sense? (compare with price of x220)
has a great display !

    Broken Android moto fix
what to do with david's broken moto android?
constant camera? >> via Automate app



Obviously, see 🔗stuff !

    X220 upgrades

In slovenia:
    * Samsung 850 EVO 500GB http://www.mimovrste.com/diski/samsung-ssd-trdi-disk-850-evo-500gb-25-sata3-mz-75e500b
    * Ram x2  http://www.mimovrste.com/pomnilniki/crucial-pomnilnik-ram-za-prenosnik-crucial-ddr3-2x-8-gb-1600-mhz-ct2c8g3s160bmceu


    * with trucko
    * Got an Epson LED EB-S31 (?), at Worten!

        Lumens (not precise, ~3000 is ok even if some ambient light)
        Native resolution
        Distance (maybe lacks "zoom lens")

Shops in Lanzarote:

        Epson EB-S31:
            3LCD 800x600 3200 ANSI Lumens (2-3m distance?)
        Epson, LG, Acer, ...
        in argana:
            01 587 8332
        no direct number of store, guy calls store while putting you on hold #WTF

  from web:
      CANON LV-S3000 DLP 800x600 3000 ANSI Lumens 249EUR http://www.tiendaselectron.com/index.php?mod=detalle&id=10374
      OPTOMA S310 800x600 3000 ANSI Lumens 279EUR http://www.tiendaselectron.com/index.php?mod=detalle&id=7956
      OPTOMA S312 3D 800x600 3200 ANSI Lumens 299EUR http://www.tiendaselectron.com/index.php?mod=detalle&id=12572
      BENQ MS504 800x600 3000 ANSI Lumens 325EUR http://www.tiendaselectron.com/index.php?mod=detalle&id=7996

        Donesn't tell prices over phone #WTF
        Optoma S312 
        Optoma atv 26 leu -- probably HD26
        Optomas ~400EUR

    From web:
        Benq, LG, Optoma
        see: http://innovainformatica.com/proyectores
        models from electron for comparison:
        Optoma S312 314,55€ http://innovainformatica.com/proyector-optoma-s312-svga-800x600-3200l-hdmi-vga-usb
        Optoma S310 309,35€ http://innovainformatica.com/proyector-optoma-s310e-3200l-3d-ready-svga

    Comm -- super portable USB wlan router
<chrono hacked this

    * two LAN ports (to do Syncthing) would be awesome

    Electronics -- Alligator clips/leads ...
version gator<->gator
version gator<->multimeter (standard "Lab" type plug)
Must be able to take some Amps .... at least like 100W or whatever we're working with!
what we have is very nice because you can "split" them (via an extra hole on top)

    Camping: big tent
(multiple rooms, sitting in, ...) ~200€

    Transport: Car/Van

See 🔗trucko !
A 1984 VW, 2.6 diesel, for 2000€.

    RPI Extras - Camera module
DONE: not sure if this model, or some other - check
not USB,no IR filter,5MPix,video:1080p@30,640x480@90, 23E,250mA max,Omnivision 5647

    RPI Extras - SenseHat:
gyro/acc/magneto,temperature,barometer,humidity,8x8 matrix,joystick,27E
It's not precise, not calibrated, and the temperature is measured somewhere above the CPU
(hacky fix: http://yaab-arduino.blogspot.si/2016/08/accurate-temperature-reading-sensehat.html )

    Asus EEE 701
broken US->EU converter on charger, but works with extra converter
currently in Kranj and has a fresh minimal debian 9 install


    use return policies to your advantage !!!
[17:54:56] <chron0> hmm hard to tell withoutr prior trying
[17:55:06] <chron0> if all else fails, amazon return policy is really great
[17:55:14] <chron0> so get both and return the runner up

    market intransparency / information asymmetry
#antimarketing #anticapitalism
V povezavi s temi cenami ki jih ne povejo po telefonu #lim0 #price.fixing:
    this is noise capitalized
    artificially maintaining market noise with market intransparency
    to reveal price you need to invest time,
    so you're hedging against an intransparent market, forced to uncertainty

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