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    * http://next.totalism.org (Current / Planned CHT base)
    * 🔗season4 (CHT: 2014-): temporary "research" camps in Lanzarote, supported by 🔗trucko van (storage, mobility)
    * (planned) 🔗base-eu: CHT expansion to Europe + theory! <---------- #TODO: extract
    * [...]

Used for:
    * a bunch of people living in portable architecture (tents, ...) with technology
    * in and around hacker festivals / camps, or accessible in cities or nature
    * built with cash & equipment donations
    * then stored or sold away
    * parts left in different places, recomposing, adding up
    * moved into place for next deployments
    * [...]


    Example: CHT4-C (2016-Feb, Mar)

(Packed up.)

    Contents (What's in the boxes)

Full subsistence infrastructure.
Standard CHT #boxes.
See 🔗stuff, also 🔗ordering.
    * http://twitter.com/chtotalism/status/708048605513445376 (like image above)

The stuff is sorted and stored in plastic impermeable storage boxes.

Ties to 🔗tech-tree, 🔗graph-index, 🔗roles, ...!
Also to the OLDEST CHT PAGE ... on mediawiki ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ###

    Design targets

Budget: 1000€ (but can already start with 300€)

Size: 1 ISO pallet

Weight: 50-100kg


#TODO: merge with 🔗flocking stages !!!

(2017-10: graph just a sketch, also the main documents covering this need a re-ordering)


        * Getting people involved + initial funding:


    * 🔗flocking
    * 🔗pr

    * How to cover initial investment? Maybe ICO?
    * How to secure maintenance budget (running costs)? What to do if the base goes bankrupt?
    * How to effectively re-fund the base for new deployments?
    * [...]

        * List needed parts/contents, and buy them:

See 🔗stuff, 🔗ordering and 🔗markets

        * Determine location

Also see 🔗land-attributes


        * Move boxes to location (Logistics)

Reference quote:
    * via http://www.pallet2ship.co.uk
    * Europallet = 100x100x100cm, 100kg
    * Berlin -> Guildford (UK), location of EMF camp
    * = ~200€ + VAT <--- that's too much

Some stuff would better be not shipped, but bought on site:
    * very heavy/big stuff (batteries)
    * very breakable stuff (solar panels?)
    * [...]

Perhaps logistics in itself is a mistake:
    * "Always strive for replication, not for transportation"
    * The end tab should be picked up by local people, and so a new "hackbase seed" started
    * This would need a unique system of #funding <--- #subfinance

Alternative ways:
    * People already going there, helping to transport ("hitch-hiking logistics")
    * [...]

        * Uptime / Day-to-day

See 🔗roles.

        * Teardown + Move to Storage

Also see 🔗flocking.


        * Storage

"Where boxes are during downtime".

It's currently an annoying and recurring problem for the CHT base in Lanzarote, as well.
This ties to #vaults.

    * buy a van <-- what CHT did with 🔗trucko
    * weather-proof + bury boxes underground
    * separate into parts / modules (boxed up anyway), and disperse around different people
    * deploy as a local hackerspace ("active storage" pattern)
    * #vaults, an european network
    * [...]

Storage is simpler, as the base prototype/model is improved:
        capacity to be stored outside or buried underground:
        (this now supposedly almost works, since #cht4c)
    * more compact, lighter, etc:
        (needing less space, easier to move around by anybody on the ground)
    * better appearance:
        (so it can be stored in somebody's living room)

And also as:
    * the network improves (#vaults)
    * [...]

    * Bases should not be bought and sold as "speculative commodities"
    * How to make decisions about where the base goes next, etc?
    * What constitutes deciding power?
    * When selling:
        * The model must not be a cheap sale of a pre-assembled, optimized all you need for some bourgeois camper
        * It needs the new owners (?) to commit to maintaining the openness (?)
    * [...]

I guess this opens the space for a "hackbases foundation"

****** PAD

<-------------------------------- (new)

Related / also see:
    * 🔗hacking-housing-pad
    * #hiab ("hackerspace in a box")
    * #vaults
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