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 Tactical living hack/theory/art points of interest
 in EU metropolae, 2010-2016
curated by @dcht00 / CHT Hackbase


* London, UK (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Berlin, Germany (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Lanzarote, Canary Islands (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT) <-- CHT hackbase
* Amsterdam, The Netherlands (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Brussels, Belgium (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Hamburg, Germany (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Paris, France (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Ljubljana, Slovenia (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Kranj, Slovenia (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT) <-- temp hackbase
* Bologna, Italy (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Helsinki, Finland (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Dublin, Ireland (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Madrid, Spain (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Leipzig, Germany (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Rotterdam, The Netherlands (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Vienna, Austria (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)
* Prague, Czech Republic (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT) (v0.1)
* Salzburg, Austria (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT) (v0.1)

    * La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT) *22-28 Nov 2017
    * Gent, Belgium (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT) *~Dec 18 2017
    * [...]

New / Todo / Doing / Next / Soon:
    * Zagreb, Croatia (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT) (STUB FOR 2017-08)
    * Porto, Portugal (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT) (new <tisaneza)
    * Bukovets Svoga, Bulgaria (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT) <-- planned hackbase
    * add Lanzarote develops during recent subseasons (🔗season4-D, 🔗season5-A) !

Using these maps:
    * All maps are open editable! (For this you need to be logged in with a Google account, can be a fake one)
    * exports are available in .kmz (~Google Earth) and .gpx (~OsmAnd for Android/iOS)
    * The typology ("legend") is found below.


a -> "A spaces". most relevant, best to hang out, centers of city activity
b -> "B spaces". also relevant.
x -> places that might be cool and need to be checked out
c -> culture (museums, galleries, ...)
n -> nature (like forests / hills) or nature-culture (like public parks)
p -> friends
uni -> university / institute
shop -> place to buy food or something else (should be separated) <-- #TODO
eat -> supermarket / cheap place to eat
l / lib -> library with open access, a plug and internet
beach -> ...
music -> space to jam
EV -> escape vector (airport, shuttle spot, hitch-hiking spot, ...)
site / area / landmark-> noteworthy or recognizable spot
abandoned -> place to squat?
xxx -> party concert hall / club / pub
thl -> basic resources for anywhere (trans-hyperlocal) as defined on 🔗resources
fruit -> fruit trees + time to collect fruit (via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Concept: "Cognitive mapping" (Jameson)

via "Navigating neoliberalism" article: "This gets to the heart of what political theorist Fredric Jameson calls ‘cognitive mapping’. According to him, the left lacks cognitive mapping — the means to make our own world intelligible to ourselves through a situational understanding of our own position. Jameson draws upon the urban theorist Kevin Lynch, who argues (in his book, The Image of the City) that in designing urban spaces one must take into account how people navigate their way around cities. In encountering a new city, the individual is left without any cognitive map of the space and is forced to develop one through habit. As Lynch argues, the urban designer can assist this process by strategically situating landmarks and other easily recognisable symbols in order to provide the grounds for the development of a cognitive map."

Technical infrastructure

    Because self-hosting OSM is still not simple to do properly, and there's so little time.
    If you want to help out mail please!
    Also see 🔗todos#____Migrate_maps_to_Open_Street_Maps.

    Developed as "cht-maps-export" and part of the 🔗workflow.
    Track all changes on the maps with git.
    You can download KMLs for all of the maps, or use the .GPX versions offline with OsmAnd (or example).

Next locations

    Warsaw/PL, Bristol/UK, Lisbon/PT, Antwerp/BE,
    Torino/ITA, Bratislava/SK, Valencia/ESP, Athens/GR,
    Krakow/PL, Freiburg/DE, Groningen/NL,
    Zürich/CH, Copenhagen/DK, Granada/ESP,
    Gran Canaria/ESP, Tenerife/ESP,
    Linz/AT (<>Vienna,Leipzig<>Berlin!),


(If you're in any of these places let me know.

EU Routes / Trails ideas

See 🔗trails.

Trans-Europe transit ("A to B") in all directions, done by car or hitch-hiking. Normal easy hitching speed is ~300km per day (with exit and entry), so trails are organised to include stops with distances like that.

Other maps
    * #MapJam by Shareable:
        * How to do it :
    * MMM / Transformap:
        * current status:
            "a map without a map" ?!
            the main site is useless ??
        * useful directions directly from protagonists:
            * !!!
        * entry points
        * main page
        * "get in touch via our Discourse at"
    * (many more merging in!)
    * [...]

More information

See 🔗resources page.

Travel / General:

Travel / Hitching:
    * (pretty pics)

Travel / Cheap bus companies:
    * (bus, train, and flight)
    * [...]

Travel / Cheap flights:

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