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    2016-02-16 project reports coming soon!

Main site:
    🔗season5-A !!!!!!!!


    TRUCKO camper van

We bought TRUCKO, a 1984 VW LT28:
    see 🔗trucko.
    It needs to be fixed up (nothing big) and road legalised first.
    We need a driver!
    Having a van like this means we can (and should) organize a camp on another island

    Did not order all parts we needed before, so didn't fix.
    Also could not road legalize, because of Spanish insurance law.
    Next time!

    Truco.Space hackerspace

* We started a hackerspace in Arrecife during CHT4D:
    See !

* will have to move from the current location, and find a new one. This is also a CHT issue, as we store our 🔗stuff there!

* 🔗stuff was recently damaged by rain. Damage evaluation will be done upon landing.

    We moved everything out!
    Truco.Space doesn't exist anymore, for the moment.
    More info @

    Music Studio development

We are finally developing the music studio a step further:
    See 🔗studio (stub!)

Nacho is our main man here, bringing a lot of microphones, an 8-channel preamped audio interface, and guitar pedals.

    We confirmed what we set out to do.
    More soon.

    Workflow development + Materials (text + multimedia) reorganisation

Continue working on this, with new tools.
Also see 🔗workflow, etc.

    Current worldwide geopolitical situation & trends

CHT will celebrate 5 years on December 21st 2016.
We should rethink how we can collect, organize and release the work done in this time, and have some sort of a positive transformational influence in the next 5 years.

    Keep developing and launch our own cooperative

See 🔗coop-index for more. (stub!)

Develop concepts like:
    * alternative work agreements
    * "free hardware" and "free industry" models (akin to "free software")
    * [...]

    Maintenance culture: DIY for post-capitalism

A lot of things have been built in the past centuries that are still in use, or already abandoned. How can the free-technology movement step in?

Practically, we will:
    * "repair, reuse, recycle" more:
        * derust, weld and paint metals
        * squat, secure, repair buildings
        * [...]
    * try to find work in these fields, with the Coop
    * understand current supply chains of materials
    * try making appealing general-public cases to satisfy these needs
    * [...]

    Attend the carnival

Lanzarote Carnival is one of the greatest in Europe.
David brought a bear suit :]

    Carnival is starting later than normal this year (end of February).
    So nothing here.

    [HairyFotr] Work on improving and monetizing Scala Linter

As a part of #coop I'll be researching how to monetize a relatively popular opensource project. There is also a lot of other new work and research to be done.

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