SEASON 4, Act C (CHT4-C)

"Advanced Resilience"
February 2nd - March 22nd 2016 (49 days)

Last Updated:
    2016-03-27 (added report)
(from #cht4c)


Start here / You've already read: 🔗web (the main site), and 🔗season4 year plan.
Also briefly check what happened on previous camps in this season, 🔗season4-A and 🔗season4-B.
If you have any additional questions, 🔗faq is a good place to add them.
And follow the mailing list (see 🔗contact on how-to).

Open Planning

First time with 🔗flocking, a decentralized self-organisation protocol that allows anyone to fly in, unpack 🔗stuff and start a new camp.
(a.k.a. I'm not the one starting it this time -David)

    * on this pad
    * on (see 🔗contact to join + post)
    * on Freenode IRC: #chtotalism (new) and #hackbases (general discussions)

    * post to mailing list
    * post to individual hackerspace mailing lists
    * create Facebook event + invites

Current subseason plans

Where and When:

    * North of Lanzarote (Canary Islands, ESP):
        Check flights on Skyscanner.

    * First person currently booked:
        Just after FOSDEM, February 2nd 2016
    * If you want to come earlier, take initiative and make it happen via 🔗flocking. (Also see for more location and organisational info.)

Proposed timeline:

Stage 0 [1 week]:
    * Flocking by newcomers on temporary territory, used before, direct nearby storage, in Mala (Mala (Lanzarote) village)
    * set the whole thing up without dcht00 + document it

Stage 1 [1 week]:
    * camp a bit more on temporary territory
    * find terrain to be buying (landsite), also see 🔗land-attributes (stub)

Stage 2 [3 weeks]:
    * move to landsite on island (as a site test)
    * prepare project for crowdfunding (metrics, 3d model, photography, etc)

Stage 3 [1 week]:
    * teardown

Who's coming or not coming this time (RSVP)?

    * Join + send an email to !
    * Read through links mentioned above in "Context"

Flight Booked or Booking now or In lanza:
    * Jonathan/strfry (booked from Feb 2 to Mar 3, flying from Frankfurt-Hahn)
    * Marmeduke (lives in Lanza)
    * David/dcht00 (booked, arrival Feb 8th 11:30pm, after FOSDEM and Madrid Feb1-Feb8), facebook, twitter, currently in Slovenia
    * Viktor (booked, arriving 15.3. 12:40 with flight FR2554)
    * Ercole/eracle (booked, arriving to Gran Canaria on 20/03/2016 --> going away on 06/04/2014 ).

Interested / To confirm flight booking / Maybe coming later in subseason:
    * wischi (maybe in February)?
    * Alex (end of Jan, up to Feb 7th? but probably don't want to start Flocking)
    * Jag (maybe ~March 8th for a week)
    * Christoph (mid-March / April)
    * Lorenz (around first week of June)

Probably / definitely not coming this time:
    * matej ("maybe in summer")
    * Daria (could come late January)
    * Juan (could only come late January :( Or after August. From Germany Frakfurt/Main area)
    * HairyFotr (out of vacation time)
    * PHM ("maybe in summer")
    * cryptix (bad stuff happend...)

How to come here

    * you need a flight ticket to Lanzarote:
        fly to Lanzarote (ACE) airport
    * probably all the stuff needed for life and work is here:
        except your laptop and electronics
        also see 🔗stuff page

    * you need 100€/week to cover all costs:
        also see 🔗subfinance page (stub)


    * generally, expand on 🔗season4-A and 🔗season4-B
    * hacker survivalism
    * infrastructure > communities
    * post-internet theory & code
    * more experimental construction!
    * more cadastre (land / zoning) legal research and action
    * [...]


(add more here)

    * FLOCKING - first time de-centralized organisation of camp, see 🔗flocking:
        clear season start protocol
        "When first other person announces arrival" ?
        study how it was so far

    * pick landsite to buy + test settle on it:
        * based on previously developed 🔗land-attributes pad
        * geological site survey

    * present landsite
        * create rich documentation of site:
            photo + attribute description
            also see 🔗metrics for work on environment description
        * clear funding goals
        * contact previously interested <-> CHT mailing list (finally?!) :D

    * "Standard replicable model" for a CHT camp hackbase, via documentation:
        used to build copy at next camps like EMF 2016, SHA 2017, see 🔗calendar

    * Energy:
        DC-only nomadic solar systems : more 🔗solar

    * Architecture / Construction:
        stub 🔗architecture:
        Subterranean construction
        Automatized Tarp systems
        panel hexayurt + unknown fixing system
        plastic tube construction
        Explore Solar Sand Sinter Technique ( ), maybe with a simple water lens. Or if somebody on the island wants to get rid of his back projection TV, get a huge fresnel lens there.

    * INTERSUB / INTERGROUP PROTOCOL - how to operate with other groups & individuals:
        see 🔗intersub (stub)

    * Co-op - inclusive, replicable, scalable meaningful work infrastructure:
        see 🔗coop (stub)

    * Funding:
        seriously consider a loan and just buy something around early 2016

    * New release of internals:
        publication of CHT internals (possibly as a middlemachine instance)

    * more systematic investigation of external know-how:
        "there has to be books for (all aspects of) this"
            high-tech camp infrastructure / architecture,
            emergent organisation,
    * hunting / wild food:
        fishing, harpooning, rabbit traps, edible wild plants, etc
    * Tektology, Bogdanov and "science of organisation" <-> middlemachine

    * nootropics (body supplements / cognitive enchancers) knowledge exchange + experimentation + methodologies

    * [...]

Post-camp report: Good stuff

CHT4C was pretty good!

As the last camp (CHT4B) ended in June 2015, the break was big and this was heavy refreshing of what it means to live in a hackbase, live in Lanzarote, and specifically camp in Lanzarote in the winter.

Short highlights:

* first completely independent, "wild" camp:
Before we camped in places where we had some partial access to infrastructure (water/showers, power, toilets, washing clothes, working kitchen). This time all had to be brought / built / ignored.

* we chose a difficult place:
Deliberately most remote, wet and cold area of the island - in the Northern mountains - to see how we could deal with that, and what the difference is from places we usually used. Tough, but doable. However when buying land, this would not be a first choice. Temperatures under +15/+12 degrees need heating.

* bought ~150€ of Ikea boxes and reorganized:
Now everything is much neater + it can possibly be stored outside - what was before not possible.

* dev of working "infrastructure box":
battery + solar power + DC regulation, powering laptops, audio and cable/wlan network

* architecture/urbanism/legal ++:
much bigger theoretical and practical understanding of local laws and customs about land and architecture/urbanism, cadastre/catastro, etc

* first time running internal routine with Roles:
Worked pretty well <--- 🔗roles

* wrote a lot of notes:
more than in CHT4A and CHT4B. About 100 pages of heavily compressed material in Internals (notes we sync only in person with residents).

* Workflow advances:
including development of ways to tag and organise photos ("Hypershotwell")

* better connection with locals:
Met a lot of new people, improved Spanish.

* understanding Lanzarote nature ++:
a lot of time in nature, Canarian forestry, investigation of pre-15th century (French/Spanish conquest) flora & fauna, eating and mapping wild fruit.

Post-camp report: Stuff needing improvement

(add more?)

* No-Shows:
3 people scheduled to come did not come in the end. This is a problem for organisation and finance so I think in the future, residents that say they're coming, will be expected to commit in some way.

* Car rental is a waste of money:
We rented again, spending 200€, instead of buying an Opel Corsa for 300-400€.

* Improve architecture:
We need to invest ~250€ in a big tent, that we can sit / possibly stand up in.

Other stuff, I think, is on track for regular improvement.


    * photos !!! as always. working on it.
    * expose internal logs +strfry
    * expose financials
    * [...]

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