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Coming to the base.
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    * 🔗flocking (how to organize a subseason by yourself, instead of joining a planned one)


Create a standard "onboarding" protocol for newcomers, that gives people coming to the base as much knowledge and understanding as possible beforehand:
    * Conceptual:
        establish "common ground" (ways to talk about things)
    * Operational:
        the ways things are done, what needs to be done (projects), etc

Double check / prioritize:
    * []: necessary
    * []!: especially necessary

What to be prepared for + some general guides

    * outdoor / camping weather:
        * sometimes 14°c in the night, but not really less
        * ... actually, if we are in the mountains again, nights got down to 8°c + possibly wet
        * ... this means you might need non-cotton warm night clothes + a bit better sleeping bag
        * strong winds all the time. (synthetic/mountain style) light windstoppers rock that stuff.

    * setting plans during camps:
        * the current planning pad holds. if you have problems with any part, act/discuss before the start of camp.
        * always have something to do you can easily get to/from, when waiting:  [] 
            (example: a book you can just pull out and continue for 5 minutes)
        * influence plans actively

    * equipment:
        * long-lasting laptop battery recommended (spares if possible)
        * your stuff might fail - have spares & think it through
        * be prepared to also use other computers and devices

    * contributions:
        be prepared to cover for personal & general (investment/upkeep) costs
        see 🔗subfinance for more info

    * [...]

Things to do


        Arrange travels and membership
    * add your availability under []! 
    * edit and add the planning pad at []
        (your ideas about activities and projects, ...)
    * can you accept postal packages at your home address? []
        the project is always buying new equipment, see 🔗ordering 
        coordinate with David to see what you could buy and bring over.
        (if it's costs more than you're due, you will be recompensated)
        (especially for DE, UK - cheap shops/shipping)
    * get a flight []! 
    * fix your 🔗membership dues: []! 
        currently 40€, paid in advance, OR deducted from your costs when you reach base
        see 🔗donate for payment methods, ask

        Personal preparation

Thinking about these questions in advance appeared to be a good idea with some previous residents. Feel free to just skip through, or answer them in an email, or consider creating a personal prep pad with rough answers.

    * focus for the subseason:
        * What do you think are priority projects from the already written (on subseason pad)? [] 
        * add ideas to subseason pad or your prep pad [] 
        * what are your specific interests and expectations? [] 

    * financials:
        * what is your budget? [] 
        * what can you contribute? --> consult 🔗subfinance  [] 

    * resident bio:
        * what do you do / skills? (Linux? Electronics? Construction? ...) <---- #p2c2i []!
        * your car-driving situation (can you, should you, do you want to)? [] 
        * personal sleeping habits ("flow")? [] 
        * any dietary decisions, preferences, allergies or necessities? ("non-omnivore"?)
        * any health specifics, issues, allergies?
        * [...]

    * stuff:
        * what are you bringing (to take back? to leave here?) []!
        * [...]

        Stuff to take / not to take

    * help with research and buying stuff we need @ 🔗ordering
    * visit your local hackerspace and try finding equipment donations:
        consult 🔗shipping about methods to transport?
    * your music, film and e-book collection
    * stickers and memorabilia

    * sleeping bag with 10-15°C comfort (8°C between Jan-April, if we will do mountains)
    * warm sleeping clothes (for winter season)
    * windstopper type jacket (except summer)
    * walking shoes
    * Cash (ATMs can be hard to access)
    * Headlamp
    * Sun glasses (x2? you will probably loose one)
(The space also has some of this stuff, if you don't mind sharing. Ask in advance.)

    * Tiny towel <-- you can also use your clean t-shirt!)
    * [...]

    * tents (have plenty)
    * [...]

        <-------------------- #TODO:
            * merge with 🔗workflow


    * backup your data! [] 

    * Install basic apps (laptop+GNU/Linux):
        * Syncthing (following Internals\workflow under "Setting up Syncthing") [] 
        * Vinagre or RealVNC (viewer)
        * powertop, [...] also see CHT🔗truco-packages(R/W)

    * Install basic apps (mobile):
        * OsmAnd (free software offline maps) []! 
        * group chat:
            currently WhatsApp, until replaced by something else <--- #TODO
            + join the current group []!
        * Syncthing mobile (Android=Free, iOS=$3)
        * RealVNC (viewer)

    * Learn to use & Setup:
        * (WhatsApp) join the hackbase group
        * [...]

    * Setup Syncthing:
        * follow installation + pairing via CHT🔗workflow(R/W))! []
            (usually pairing with one user is enough, especially if you add them as "Introducer")
        * you now have access to "CHT" folder (also called "Internals") [] 
        * ... and "CHT_SUBSET" (also great for mobiles) [] 
        * symbolic link "/SYNCTHING" is recommended to the CHT folder!
        * look through pads (/SYNCTHING/ALLPADS + grep or something)

    * /maps:
        * explore Lanzarote map and the marker types on 🔗maps []!
        * (in OsmAnd mobile):
            load "Canary Islands" map files []! 
            import "Lanzarote" .GPX markers via 🔗maps []!
        * check out the other maps
        * if there is a map for your city, explore and upgrade it


Conceptual + operational understanding!

            Basic organisational pads

    * 🔗web read main site as a "manifesto" []!
    * current subseason pad []!
    * 🔗roles []!
    * 🔗season4 []!

(skim only):
    * 🔗faq 
    * 🔗vocab
    * 🔗manual
    * 🔗stuff
    * [...]

            Basic theory & projects pads
    * 🔗commonground !!!! [] 
    * 🔗metrics !
    * 🔗hacking-housing
    * 🔗hacking-housing-pad
    * 🔗coop
    * [...]


Check all out, the list is on 🔗web.
Especially: 🔗alike, 🔗maps, 🔗calendar, 🔗non-shitty.


(Also see / ties to / merge with 🔗flocking.)

    * set time zone on all your devices !!! []!
    * access the live Internals, at this link: CHT🔗CHT(R/W) []!
    * create a personal internals pad and link it on the index []

Perform #roles:
    * (with others in camp) review roles, understand, and assign them []!

        Read: Internals: Files @ SYNCTHING

(You will get access to this in person, in camp.)

Some main folders:
    * /ALLPADS !!!!:
        offline Etherpad exports as .txt and .html
    * /BOOKS !!!!!!!
    * /Dev:
        internal projects source code
    * /Nomad Pack:
        maps, local info, etc (for EU)
    * /Photos
    * /Promo, Graphics:
        contains Slides, Posters, etc
    * [...]

        Read: Internals: Pads @ IIINDEX (Etherpad + E2H)

(You will get access to this in person, in camp. The link will work then: CHT🔗CHT(R/W)).

    * create personal folder: "0_[your handle]"
    * read some of the "review" pads (to get a feeling for work style)
    * if you want to use Git with this folder:
        * good for tracking changes to pads, but not necessary
        * it is set to "/CHT/SYNCTHING_GIT", so create that path (as a symbolic link if you want) on your filesystem
        * DO NOT CHANGE the .git symbolic link in the folder


(Also see / ties to / merge with 🔗flocking.)

    * take pictures - document !!!
    * add stuff to personal (0_xyz) folder in Syncthing
    * sync regularly
    * [...]

    * connect to David's "nebulaiil" wifi network: []!
    * access Internals index:
        * via CHT🔗CHT(R/W)
        * OR (if it doesn't work, you lcak mdns/avahi)
        * OR direct IP:
    * (VNC) connect to David's machine

Perform #roles:
    * cycle performing different roles []!
    * develop those roles in writing []:
        by "collecting all routine tasks"

Other suggested stuff to do:
    * check 🔗todos
    * solve some open problem in 🔗workflow
    * [...]


(Also see / ties to / merge with 🔗flocking.)

    * sync data (especially photos!) with others []!
    * fix financials, consult 🔗subfinance: []!
            * take dailies (default 15€/day, starving 10€/day, have-job 20€/day)
            * MINUS crew expenses you covered (=bills in shops)
            * PLUS extra donation for new investments at will
    * [...]


(Also see / ties to / merge with 🔗flocking.)

    * send any remaining photo/video material: []!
        best, put in Syncthing!
        if you didn't fix access during camp, ask
    * write personal report and reflections at (best, ASAP)

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