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...until 8 January: Bedwyr Williams exhibition @Barbican

...until 14 January: The Children @Royal Court

...until 15 January: Ordinary Architecture exhibition @Royal Academy (FREE)

...until 27 January: Zarah Hussain Sculptural Installation @Barbican (FREE)

...until 20 March: Edgelands audio journey @Barbican (FREE) 

...until March 2017: "Maps and the 20th Century" @British Library (Tickets £10)

 *11 Feb to 17 Apr: Revolution - Russian Art 1917-1932 @Royal Academy

    January 2017 
     *3 Ultimate Painting @The Lexington
     *5 Jeffrey Lewis @The Islington
     *8 Iceage @The Lexington
    *11-14 Virtually Real @Royal Academy @ (£45!?!)
    *11 [talk] The Nature of Money @LSE 6.30pm [FREE]
    *12 [talk] Social Solidarity in the Knowledge Economy @LSE 6.30pm [FREE]
    *12 [talk] Art, Maps and Technology @British Library 7pm
    *14 Arthur Russell's Tower of Meaning @Kings Place
    *16 [talk] Cultural Geographies of Dread @British Library 7pm
    *16 [talk] Radical Solutions to the Housing Crisis @University of Westminster 5pm [FREE}
    *17 [talk] Work: the digital economy and the labouring body (Nick Srnicek) @LSE 6.30pm [FREE]
    *19 Fumaca Preta @Corsica Studios
    *20 Meshuggah @The Forum
    *20 Oathbreaker @Underworld
    *22 Gavin Bryars @Cafe Oto
    *23-29 Independent Venue Week
    *25 The Telescopes @100 Club
    *26 [talk] John Robb & Brix Smith Start @100 Club
    *28 The Fall, FOTL, Hookworms etc @The Forum
    *28 Evil Blizzard @Underworld
    *28-29 Philip Glass @Barbican 
    *29 Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front etc @The Forum
    *29-31 Black Sabbath @02
    *29 The Fall and Bo Ningen @BRIGHTON Concorde 2
    *31 [talk] Power, Territory and Borders @British Library 7pm
    February 2017
     *6 Genesis P'Orridge and Arron Dilloway @Cafe Oto 
     *6 [talk] Sound/Making/Space @Royal Academy 6.30pm [£12]
     *8 Go Ahead and Drop The Bomb @The Social
     *8 Chrome and Teeth of the Sea @The Dome
     *9 [talk] Taking Control of Politics @Newspeak House  [FREE]
    *9-12 [theatre] Beware of Pity @Barbican 
    *10-11 Faust residency @Oto [have tix]
    *14 The House That Philosophy Built @LSE 6.30pm [FREE]
    *17 KTL @St John On Bethnal Green [have tix]
    *17 Thought Forms @Shacklwell Arms
    *20-25 Revolutions Literary Fest @LSE [FREE]
    *21 [talk] Alternatives to State Socialism: Other Worlds of Labour @King's College [Free]
    *22 Six Organs of Admittance @St Pancras Old Church
    *22 [conference] Infrastructure Investment In An Age of Devolution @NCVO [£300]
    *22 [talk] Experiments in Living and Working @LSE 6pm [FREE]
    *23 [talk] Ideas Are Your Only Currency @LSE 12.30pm [FREE]
    *24 [talk] Existentialism is Easy @LSE 6.30pm [FREE]
    *25 [talk] Permeating Networks of Resistance @RA [FREE]
    *28 Blonde Redhead @Islington Assembly Hall

    March 2017
    *4 This Is Not This Heat @Barbican 
    *8 The Underground Youth @Moth Club
   *10 Tomaga @Jazz Cafe
   *11 Grails @Oslo 
   *17 Moon Duo @Heaven
   *21 Sunn O))) @Barbican [have tix]
   *21-25 Convergence @Barbican
   *22 [talk] Work Less, Play More @British Academy6.30pm [FREE]

    April  2017
    *8 The Can Project @Barbican
  *14 Gnod @Electrowerkz
  *15 Trans Am @Corsica Studios
  *28 Part Chimp @100 Club
   *28-30 Desert Fest @Camden

    May  2017
     *4 Marx and the Russian Revolution @Highgate Cemetary 7.30pm [£10]
   *26-28 Raw Power Fest @The Dome [have tix]
   *27 Swans and Thurston Moore @Roundhouse [have tix]
   *28 Swans and Loop @MANCHESTER, Victoria Warehouse 

    June  2017
    *15 King Gizzard @The Forum
    *20 Primus @Roundhouse 


This ties to 🔗maps!

    Always check <----------- (NOW)
    * newspeak house:
    * (infosec / hackers)
    * architecture association (AA):
    * london school of economics / lse @
    * Housmans @ (radical bookshop)
    * [...]

    * ("comrades")
    * [...]

For tech meetups:
    * A lot of meetups, many on same day for similar topics
    * Looks like a lot are filled up very quickly, plan ahead...
    * Anti-recruiter: a lot of events have a "no recruiters" policy

Finding events:
    * Eventbrite
    * SkillsMatter
    * Music events ?!!!!

HACKER / TECH MEETUPS TO WATCH: #data #ml #art #science #visualization #java #iot #data #ml #ml #iot #hw #work #cs #? #space #hw #art #visualization #visualization #security #iot #infrastructure #futurism

    Research / To find
    * local "flea market" / "Garage sale" events (like one in nearby park we missed)
    * cool public spots (especially around the City / Strand)
    * [...]

    Music venues
    * moth:
        (dead meadow)
    * shacklewell arms:
        (dead meadow II)
    * roundhouse:
        (2007 glenn branca)
    * scala:
        (2007 thurston moore)
    * brixton academy:
        (fat white family)
    * barbican:
        (stars of the lid)
    * cafe oto:
    * brewhouse:
        (telescopes + sterling roswell)
    * corsica studios:
        (bardo pond, moon duo)
    * koko:
        (earth + neurosis, melvins in 2016, liars 2007)
    * MAUD:
        just opened 2016-11
    * The Unicorn:
        (Nikki Louder in 2011)
    * The Underworld:
        (Weedeater in 2016)
    * The Black Heart:
        (Dylan Carlson in 2012, 1000mods in 2013)
    * Electric Ballroom:
        (Melvins in 2015, Fat White Family and Wooden Shjips in 2014, Laibach in 2015, didn't go!)   
    * Village Underground:
        (Liars in 2014)
    * XOYO:
        (Liars in 2012)
    * The Forum:
        (Sleep and Dinosaur Jr in 2016)
    * The Garage:
        (J Mascis in 2009, Lightning Bolt in 2006)
    * The Dome:
        (Raw Power Fest: Acid Mothers Temple, Gnod, Bo Ningen etc)
    * The Social:
        (Dead Meadow, Damo Suzuki in 2013, Heavenly Records/Sonic Cathedral)
    *  Electric Brixton:
        (MBV in 2013) 
    *  The Troxy:
       (Nick Cave in 2008, Jesus and Mary Chain in 2014)
    *  Heaven:
       (Chris & Cosey in 2015, Melt Banana, Godflesh and Loop in 2014)    
    * [...]

closed / historic:
    * astoria
    * mean fiddler
    * 12 bar
    * the luminaire
    * silver bullet
    * buffalo bar
    * marquee
    * hammersmith palais
    * the end
    * sin
    * [...]

tocheckout / huh:
    * oval space
    * cadogan hall (jesu)
    * islington assembly hall (swans)
    * the forum (dinosaur jr, ...)
    * [...]

    Museums, Etc
    * Tate Modern
    * Tate Britain
    * Science Museum
    * Natural History Museum
    * Hunterian Museum
    * Kentish Town City Farm

Events Archive

    August 2016
31 jul
Augmenting Realities - VR & AR what other creative industries can teach us

01 aug
And now, build bots..
(I have invited the awesome Esther Crawford from olabot who is on a mission to botify people, and knows a thing or two about bot marketing.)

#visualization #data
Engaging the client or stakeholders with research outputs

02 aug
#data #python
Group for users and developers of data analysis tools in Python.

Susan Potter: Fearless Deployments (in Scala)

#fp #work
Connecting Functional Programming talent around the World
Looks like full already...

04-09 EMF !!!!!!

09 aug
@Create.Space.London (hackerspace)
Open Night + Wood workshop Induction (members only)

10 aug
London Linux Drinks

#work #data
Meet a Facebook Data Scientist & A Guide to Interviews

13 aug
#fp #scala
Typelevel & Scala August hack day

14 aug
#music #hw #hackerspace
Hackoustic @ London Hackerspace
(We're a hacking group dedicated to exploring acoustics and instrument building)

15 aug
12:00 @ near UCL
Liberal Information Extraction: Heng Ji (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
>david reserve seat
We propose a brand new "Liberal" Information Extraction (IE) paradigm to combine the merits of traditional IE (high quality and fine granularity) and Open IE (high scalability).
Liberal IE aims to discover schemas and extract facts from any input corpus, without any annotated training data or predefined schema.

16 aug
#db #data
Open Data Investigations with Graph Databases
Full already...

17 aug
#startup #meh
London New Tech
(7 new tech startup companies will present their products and technology)

20 aug 14:00-16:00
@birkbeck college
Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#work #postcapitalism #futurism
Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams
GBP 7.00 /per person (+m already paid) 

<--- [NOW]
22 aug - #work #nonshitty - Cleanweb: Web for Environmental Sustainability
(project aimed at getting top talent into jobs that can make a difference in the fight against climate change)

Art exhibition (anthropocene)
Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, W1G 7LP London, United Kingdom

*23 #work - Find a Tech Job -
*23 #data - Patterns in Building Ontologies from Concept Maps and other Artefacts -

_________________ WE LEAVE LONDON :-(

24 aug
Hacks/Hackers Picnic
(The worlds of hackers and journalists are coming together. Hacks = journalists, lol)

30 aug
Linuxing in London

#iot #hw
Inspire creation with technology such as the Raspberry Pi over a pint

    September 2016

     From 7 Dr Faustus @ Barbican

    *13 [FILM] Genesis P-orridge voodoo film screening

    * [TALK] 14 8.30am start LOL
    * [TALK] 14 This is your dream event! Love that they're charging up to 50 quid a ticket  

    * 14-15 Carla Bozulich residency @Oto 
    * 15 Mogwai @ Barbican

    * 16 Music Hackspace event: 
    * 16 and ongoing New River Studios noise/drone night
    Also see their other events Cool shit.

    * [have tix] Fat White Family + Black Lips in Brixton:
    * Cosmic Carnage in Camberwell:
    * Sly and the Family Drone: 
    * Custard Thruster all-dayer
    * JESU

    *21 Levitation Room @Shacklewell Arms, super mellow psych 
    * [went] 21 Gnoomes (Free Show):

    * [went] 22 TELESCOPES 7quid

    *23 Night of the Stick Men/Awesome Japanese Noise Bands @Oto 

    * 24 6am MOMENTUM 10 quid coach?
    * 24-27 TWT:
    * 28 BUS/HITCH TO MANCHESTER for 4 quid
    * 28 DEAD MEADOW:
    * 29 BUS TO LONDON for 5 quid!
    * [...]

    *25-27 Magma Residency @ Oto
    *[went] 26 DEAD MEADOW
    *28 Merzbow/Thurston Moore etc
    *29 Acid Mothers Temple:

    October 2016
    *[went] 1 Dead meadow gig @ Shacklewell Arms (got tix, £10)

    *[went] 1 ANTIFOLK FEST :
        Warmduscher + Goatgirl
        @Nambucca "Holloway Rd" (Tickets £6)
    *1 Merzbow @Cafe Oto    
    *[went] 2 STARS OF THE LID:
        only a few more tickets available (23 pounds) on balcony!!
     *3 Thurston Moore Group @Cafe Oto £16   

    6 Goatgirl somewhere else

    *7 Mike Watt!
    *7 Upsilon Acrux + Guapo:
    *7 Stephen O'Malley/Demdike Stare
   *11  Parquet Courts, Eagulls & Goat Girl @The Forum
    *13 Damo Suzuki:
    *13 Swans:
    *14/15 Dead Kennedys:
    *14 Le Butcherettes: 
    *15 Women in music events/bands all dayer @Roundhouse:
    *15 Fluffer Records all-dayer Meatraffle etc
    *16 Eiko Ishibashi Band:
    *17 Rob Zombie @The Forum:
    *18 Scott Fagan & Entrance @Cafe Oto:
    *19 Weedeater @The Underworld:
    * [went] 22 Sterling Roswell Band @Forest Tavern
    * 22 [HACKER] @SW London computer fair
    *24 Thurston Moore & Charles Hayward
    *25 Suuns
    *27 Yak and Goat Girl @The Scala
    *28 & 29 Match and Fuse Fest
    *[went] 29 Death Grips @ Roundhouse:   
    *29 Mirrors Fest (Fucked Up/Allah-Las etc)
    *29 Gemma Ray, Joe Gideon, Jim Sclavunos @ Ivy House
    *[went] 30 Wooden Shjips + Ulrika Spacek @The Scala

    November 2016

    *1 Mild High Club @Moth Club
    *2 Happy Meal Ltd + Goat Girl @ Rough Trade
    *3 Telegram + Phobophobes @The Dome
    *4 Carnival Folklore Noise Film Screening and Performance
    *4 [WENT] Nought/Tomaga/Rhys Chatham in Oxford
    *4 Flamingods @ Moth Club 
    *5&6 Steve Reich @Barbican
    *6-9 The Necks Residency @Cafe Oto 
    *7 [HACKER] @nwspk house DIGITAL DYSTOPIAS 7pm
    *7 Neurosis & Earth @Koko [GOT TICKETS]
    *7 Psychic TV @Brixton Jamm 
    *7&8 Spiritualised performing Ladies & Gentlemen...
    *8 Genesis P'Orridge @Cafe Oto
    *8 Neurosis & Discharge & Subhumans @Koko
    *[HACKER] 9 @nwspk COMMUNAL MEAL 7pm
    *9 Power and Inequality in the Global Political Economy @LSE 6.30-8pm (FREE)
   *10 Karl Marx: greatness and illusion @LSE 6.30-8pm (FREE)
    *10 The Lowest Form record launch @New River Studios
    *10 Sleaford Mods @Roundhouse
    *12-13 Land For What? @Resource For London, Holloway (FREE)
    *13 Lee Ranaldo @Oslo Hackney
    *13 Gimme Danger screening 6.30pm @ICA
    *14 Otomo Yoshihide & Hiroshi Yamazaki @Oto
    *15 [talk] LASER 18: Intersection of Art, Science and Technology @Westminster School of Media (FREE)
    *[Roo went] 16 [talk] The Refusal of Work: The Theory and Practice of Resistance to Work @Housemans 7pm (£3)
    *16 [talk] Music and Philosophy @LSE 6.30pm  (FREE)  
    *[David went] *16 Phobophobes, Whistle Jacket, Vinyl Staircase @MAUD Walthamstow 8pm
    *17 Black Mountain @The Dome

    *18 [talk] Infrastructural Urbanism @Westminster College (FREE)
    *18 LA Witch @Shacklewell Arms
    *18 Dinosaur Jr @The Forum
    *19 Custard Thruster All-Dayer
    *19 Punk and Oi Night @T.Chances
    *19 [film] United Red Army film screening and talk @ICA
    *21 [talk] Counterfactual Architectural History 6.30-8pm @Royal Academy£12/6)

    *22 [talk] Politics in the Digital Age (Labour Event) @Portcullis House 6.30pm (FREE)
    *22-23 Sun Ra Residency @Oto
    *23 [talk] The Trumping of the Political Class @Round Chapel 7.30pm (FREE)
    *24 [talk] Information Technology and The New Globalisation @LSE 6.30-8pm
    *24 [film] Jodorowsky Screening + Talk @Picturehouse Central
    *25 [talk] Climate Government After the Paris Agreement @UCL 6.15pm (FREE)
    *28 Charles Hayward @Union Chapel (FREE),528413867341709 
    *28 [talk] Slacktivist Action Group @Soho Theatre
    *28 [talk] RA Architecture: Future Estates @Royal Academy
    *29 [talk] dc4420 @The Phoenix 7:30pm
    *29 [talk] Reducing Global Inequality @British Academy (FREE)
    *30 [talk] Rethinking Capitalism @LSE 6.30-8pm (FREE)

    December 2016
    *1 [hackathon] Planning System hack
    *1 Psychic Ills @Moth Club
    *1 Enter The Anthropocene exhibition opening @Flaxon Ptooch 
    *2 [talk] Work in the Era of Anarcho-Capitalism @Birkbeck 9.40am-4pm  (£15)
    *2 [talk] Changing Britannia: Through the Arts & Activisim @British Library 4.30-6om
    *2-3 Martin Rev residency @Cafe Oto
    *4 Marillion @The Forum
    *4 Satanic Flea Market @Bethnal Green Working Man's Club
    *6 Sex Swing & Meat Raffle @Corsica
    *7 [talk] Rosa Luxemberg: A Revolutionary Life @LSE 6.30-8pm (FREE)
    *7 [talk] Technology Now: Post Digital Institutions and Practices @ICA
    *8 [talk] Human Cooperation @LSE 6.30-8pm (FREE)
    *8 Girl Band and Goat Girl @Scala
    *8 KK Null @Cafe Oto
    *8 [talk] Mapping and Power Politics @British Library 6.30pm
    *9 Super Furry Animals @Roundhouse
    *11 Lydia Lunch @Islington Academy  
    *13 Boris @Electric Ballroom
    *13 Evol @Cafe Oto
    *15 [talk]
    *15 Ulrika Spacek @The Victoria
    *16 Tomaga @Cafe Oto
    *16 Meat Raffle @Windmill Brixton
    *16 Audio Visual night @New River Studios
    *21 [talk] Hacking the Social Life of Big Data @Newspeak House
    *22 Bo Ningen @Cafe Oto
    *31 Vagrant Punk Squad @The Unicorn
...until 9 November: Rosalind Fowler Eco Installation @Barbican (FREE)

[went]...until 18 December: The Ulm Model @Ravens Row Gallery, offsite exhibition (FREE)

...until 23 December: Thebes Land @Arcola

Practical bits

    Other tactical sites
    * Nomadwiki :
    * Squat scene:
        * (unmaintained)
        * (unmaintained since 2010?)
        * ????
        * [...]
    * [...]

    Buying a bike

What to buy:
    * "hybrid bike" works best
    * you'll have to go there and get it
    * reserve 20 quid to adjust random stuff

Where to buy:
    * 100% just get in on Gumtree for like 60 quid
    * look for something good that "needs a bit of repair" as nobody will touch it, and you won't actually need to repair it
    * shops are a waste of time
    * ReCycle was good (when I got a nice Trek there for 90 pounds in 2014)!!!

    * "Typical "medium" sizes are 54 or 56 cm (approximately 21.2 or 22 inches) for a European men's racing bicycle or 46 cm (about 18.5 inches) for a men's mountain bicycle"
    * so for mountain bikes: for 6 feet (182cm) = 21" bike, for 5'8" (172 cm) = 18" bike



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