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    * 🔗commonground

    * ones with pages should have transcluded "subtitle" definitions
    * possibility to view frags invoking them
    * a more sensible TOC
    * classification of types (page, project, ... internal/general language ...)
    * user-test site, especially landing:
        * like, people don't know what "habitat" is
        * partition the areas (into "levels")
        * remove all the fancy stuff from "basics"
    * [...]


see http://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Hackbases

    Peace, love, trippy music and psychonautics (exploring new modes of consciousness) are a lifestyle worth striving for.

    Information technology and cybernetics (self-operational machines) are the necessary enabler for a new lifestyle.

    A complete re-systematization of all knowledge and perspectives is necessary, on a new hypertextual substrate (beyond text, see middlemachine). This ensures a focus on replicability but also post-privilege.

Intelligent, fragment-based organisation software developed by David since 2009.
Ideation + Execution + Publication toolkit.
Necessary substrate for possibility of Totalism, and so, the hackbase.
see http://middlemachine.com/

protocol for self-organising of camps
see 🔗flocking

method of time keeping.
time is not objective, but subjective.
it's not fixed to 24 hours.
it's also decimal.
when you (/should) wake up, it's 0.0, when you (/should) go to bed, it's 1.0.
when you sleep, time doesn't exist (or is relative to 0 or 1, like -0.15).
".1" corresponds to roughly 1.5 hours.
".01" corresponds to roughly 1 minute.
"0.001", or "tick", corresponds to roughly a 50% faster second.

Application of Subtime to an actual day, meaning, a representation of a single day ("flow") with subtime durations, giving a day some general form.
connected to Metrics.

protocol for money accounting (financials / treasury) inside CHT
represented as fractional totality
see 🔗subfinance

expression of economy as graph / dynamic flow of power in fractions

possibility to weaponise subeconomics

    Common ground
establishing a common "conceptual horizon".
these definitions here serve this purpose too, in combination with texts and external pointers found at 🔗commonground

    Mirrorable (project)
semi-regularly mirroring specified useful parts of the internet for semi-local use
see [Internals\Mirrorable]

a cht systematic, documenting time/territory events.
see 🔗calendar

a systematic, documenting territory locations and routine events.
see 🔗maps

a systematic overview, documenting similar projects, typologies, and sources.
as a project, CHT establishes itself relationally to these projects.
see 🔗alike

a cht systematic, documenting relatively non-shitty institutions you can make money working for.
see 🔗non-shitty
also ties to Coop.

"We don't know the building codes and laws clearly so we can't hack them. The project is setting up an open knowledge base that models, collects and assembles a compendium for hacking housing."
see 🔗hacking-housing
see 🔗hacking-housing-pad

see 🔗roles

see 🔗coop

    intersub / intergroup
"Defining a set of protocols on how to operate ("be") with other Subjects (projects, communities, institutions, individuals), in the context of a common struggle, beyond arbitrary / whimsical relations"
see 🔗intersub-protocol

a self-organised camp (inside a season, that also has times where there is no camp)
ill named for "sub-" prefix confusion

cockroaches, moths, other adversary bugs, mice, etc should die stay outside our stuff

communications technologies
mostly refers to trying to steal wifi in difficult conditions

    polemics (project)
graphing arguments with logical relationships between statements

    numerics (project)
Collecting data + modelling the world in a numeric way

sitting comfortably + having a place to put stuff down is important.
otherwise your upper-middle back will retaliate.

you don't have internet, or ergonomics where your are staying (squatting / in your camp / ...).

So you prepare:
    * a power extension + splitter
    * all your devices
    * an image to fit in
    * a good excuse
and you find a suitable spot:
    * fancy hotel lounge
    * unoccupied house with external power
    * church
    * [...]
go there, and do whatever you need to do.

    * http://twitter.com/chtotalism/status/591586097848680448
    * http://twitter.com/chtotalism/status/591226022332334081

    wasting time
taking a shti

    * metering stuff (like consumption)
    * or metrics/FLOSL, as described on 🔗metrics and 🔗poster

material things we own/have at our disposal, or want to/should
see 🔗stuff, and 🔗ordering

the hackbase reference guide for information, personal and interpersonal behaviours
as everything, can be edited by anyone
see 🔗manual

measurements of resource consumption (power, water, gas, etc)

software & behaviour to coordinate and do things
see 🔗workflow

    E2H (software)
(etherpad-to-text software developed <david, amsterdam oct 2014)
Enables website generation from Etherpad text pads that anyone can freely edit.
Edits can also be reverted in case of errors or vandalization.
Changes are regularly checked.
see http://e2h.middlemachine.com/

Dealing with non-rational emotional reactions in an effective way
Ties to CHT🔗cht-psycho(R/W)


    CHT - pages

This is similar to the upcoming, self-generated page ("index"). <----------- (NOW)
Coming soon ~cht5a.

    * text totalism
    * 🔗project-hss (hacker|space|ship)
    * 🔗base-eu
    * truco.space / truco:
        see CHT🔗TRUCO(R/W)
    * trucko / vw van:
        see 🔗trucko

    * 🔗vocab
    * 🔗resources
    * 🔗grants
    * nootropics
    * contacts

    * hyperreader
    * hypershotwell
    * photoapp
    * linkroute
    * dashboard

    * 🔗newcomers
    * 🔗intersub
    * [...]

    * landhunt / landsites / land attributes

    CHT - concepts
    * keeper
    * meta
    * systematics
    * typology (hacking-housing)
    * coordinates (mm)
    * seasons
    * storage
    * takeup + teardown
    * reorg
    * x220 (hardware)
    * hypercongress (event)
    * post-architecture
    * reversibility
    * safety (project)
    * quantified house (project)
    * dc-only energy system (project)
    * "(visioning) nature logics"
    * semaphore + dashboard:
        tracking and so monitoring recurring necessary phenomena (workflow)
    * sites:
        geographic places where we can operate
    * antinomad (right wing)
    * post-design / noux
    * p2c2i
    * antirelease + critical engineering
    * THL / transhyperlocal / trans-hyper-local
    * [...]

    External - Science, tech, philosophy

        Default understanding

            Philosophy, intersubjectivity, epistemology
    * event horizon
    * rhizomes / rhizomatic (Deleuze / Guattari)
    * hermeneutics

            Architecture, engineering, DIY, etc
    * appropriate technology
    * geodesic dome
    * yurt
    * hexayurts
    * upcycle
    * cybernetic
    * tiny houses

    * anthropocene
    * technosphere
    * companion species
    * flora, botanics
    * herding, husbandry, forestry, terraforming
    * tektology, systems theory
    * invasive species

            Organisation, organisational politics:
    * manifesto
    * classicism, modernism, postmodernism
    * coliving, coworking
    * postcapitalist
    * replicable, scalable
    * limited company
    * sole proprietorship
    * association
    * cooperative
    * "zadruga"
    * artistic intervention
    * binary (feminism)
    * unitary

        Specific non-own understanding
    * abstraction [Wark]
    * vectorialist [Wark]
    * universal base income

        Specific own understanding
    * end of work
    * ideation, execution, publication
    * intersubjectivity
    * BDS
    * narrative
    * aquifier
    * infrastructure vs community, post-communtiy

    Workflow - iiindex & middlemachine signals

Review / overview / middlemachine signals:
    * likeminded
    * "unwritten"
    * stub / draft / touch
    * "unwritten", doing, done, pass
    * now (or [ NOW]) / soon / asap / critical
    * done / pass / ok:
        indication the fragment is either done / passe (can't do anymore, not relevant) / acknowledged

    * self-cannonization
    * Internals:
        the Syncthing "CHT" folder
    * Index (also called "Internals index" or "index pad"):
        we still have some problems with linking! also see 🔗linkroute
        CHT🔗CHT(R/W) if you are connected to "nebulaiil" network
        you will often see links like http://localhost/CHT, you need to change this to correct IP. ask +Onboarding or +David
    * subseason main pad:
        * example 🔗season4-D
    * review:
        the latest pad is called "review"
        "let's do a review", "let's continue review"
    * "read mode" / "edit mode" (of a pad)
    * [...]

    Spanish stuff
    * ferreteria
    * almacen
    * punto limpio
    * quarto de apero
    * cadastro
    * ayuntamiento, cabildo, consejo
    * medioambiente
    * [...]

    Locality (Lanzarote)

    * vieja
    * pardela
    * opuntias
    * cochinilla
    * ulex / ulaga ?

    * la graciosa, alegranza, montana clara, la roque del oeste
    * archipelage chinijo
    * [...]

****** PAD

<------------------------ (new)

    * Passive storage / active storage
    * [...]

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