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Things you can do to help. Most even if you don't make it to the base!

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    Visit the base ! for next camp

    Contribute website content !
All pages are editable, and there is admin oversight. So don't worry about messing something up.
Pages that always need help & are easiest to get into are especially the lists, like:
    * 🔗calendar (write some of your favorite events, also historic, so future ones can be found!)
    * 🔗alike (do you know any other spaces like this?)
    * 🔗maps
    * [...]

    New stuff: Research choices and help buy
Help find the right products/solutions, and prioritize them, on 🔗ordering !!!
Ideally, order them to your address, and somehow help them get to Lanzarote.

    Donate to the project
Consider making a donation: 🔗donate.
Or equipment: 🔗ordering.

    Help promote the project
Share the link, tell people, connect with another project, print some material and post it around.
Also see 🔗pr

    Help discover and prepare grant/CFP proposals
Update and manage 🔗grants, coordinate with
Collaboration here can also be paid.

    Add more todos here
You've been to the base, seen the site, etc. Add anything.

For Lanzarote locals & Spanish speakers

    Find Lanzarote storage space !!!
Can be outside (open air). We need access to it.

    Find place to store our car when we are away (6 months/year)
Best if it is covered (a garage), but not necessary.

    [Legal] What happens if we get caught on random land

    Translate website to Spanish
    * basic parts of site
    * list of phrases we need to further develop (especially medioambiente part)
    * [...]
Feel free to start @ 🔗ESP-web !

Website Non-Technical
This ties to 🔗E2H, the plaform running the site.

    User testing of website
Help develop & do 🔗pr#____USER_TESTING.

Website Development
This ties to 🔗E2H, the plaform running the site.

    Search function
In the works >david

    Mailing list sign up banner at top of home page
should be first thing people see 

    Simple DIV support
bla bla
[div] : back to normal/separator

    Text-to-Chart graphics
See 🔗dev-charts.
Main checks: 🔗metrics/🔗poster and as a part of that 🔗subfinance (databox).
Something in D3 maybe?

    Fix site CSS (especially for mobile)
Unsure about mobile device look (font-size and line.spacing).
        * max-width & margin ???
        * increase font-size ?
        * line-spacing ?
        * [...]

First simple step would already be:
    * walk around the site
    * find worst themes
    * write them here!

    Migrate maps to Open Street Maps
🔗maps is running on Google Maps and that is not optimal.
Even though they are public (so "nothing to hide"), there are clear benefits.

* Replace Google MyMaps with OpenStreetMaps as underlying engine
* Edit coordinates in a pad via an API !
* Improve 🔗trails, in direction of a system to find people to co-travel routes with
* Rendering map to image/pdf file >m:
    * My maps on web -> ... -> Print (A3, Landscape, PDF). Automate!:
        * Request needs a coordinate bounding box (in url) and a Google cookie
        * Berlin map url:
    * OSM? (bounding box (easy) + how to render?)
_________________________ (no idea what this is)
* Putting images with gps data on map:
    * gpsbabel:
        # init output file
        $ echo "<gpx></gpx>" > <output.gpx>
        # add image one by one
        $ gpsbabel -i exif -f <image.jpg> -i gpx -f <output.gpx> -o gpx -F <output.gpx>
    * google :
        Create a new layer
        Click Import
        Select Photo albums
        Choose the photos you want to import and click Select
        Your photos will automatically be placed on the map and a thumbnail image will be created for each photo

    RSS feed
At least for some pages?
Since the site is structured and not a "blog"-type sequential content, a "UPDATES DIFF" solution is needed.
Probably best to have curated diffs.

    * 🔗whats-new is kind of manual version of this

Next step:
    * put the site on github
    * push E2H -> text there
        * "awkwad stuff" traceability?
        * [...]

    Transclude + filter pages (as lines, as fragments)
    * Transclude already works
    * filter not
    * it would also have to be "piped" somehow
Usecase example:
    everything tagged with "#todo" should appear here!
    <<<- #todo

    Templates and forms support
Yes. First sites: 🔗newcomers, ...

Technology & development

    [Software] Missing parts of Workflow
See 🔗workflow

    [Software] Livestream photos/sensors/audio/video
What self-hosted platforms to use for this?
Or, should we not care and use cloud stuff (Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, ?) - it's public anyway?

    [Energetics] Build a direct Lenovo x220 battery charger

    How to heat tents in the winter?

*************** THE VAN

Transcluded from 🔗trucko !




Ties to / merge with:
    * dcht00🔗__others
    * dcht00🔗+++ experts ?
    * [...]

    * augment all todos from internals
    * sanity check: site problems/improvements, like search
    * [....]

*************** UNSORTED

Use Pebble as bike computer

<----------------------------------- (new): above NAMED, below FRAGS

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