membership CHT Hackbase Membership

Each future resident is asked to become a member, by:
    * going through the protocol at 🔗newcomers (acquiring basic information, principles)
    * and paying the membership due of 50€, valid for one year.

It is paid in advance, as confirmation of coming to the base, and to demonstrate a minimal dedication. This gives a clearer idea of the count, and mostly importantly, we can pre-order the needed equipment. If you wish, you can choose to dedicate your membership to buy something specific from 🔗ordering.

    See 🔗donate, or mail for clarification.

As a member you also receive CHT stuff (shirt, stickers, poster), when available.

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The base is paid for through residencies and memberships. More details on 🔗subfinance.

Memberships are inspired by the successful PAF space (St Erme/France) model, also see here.
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