hackbase-type1 Type-1 Hackbase
"Liquid shared rented/owned house"

Part of 🔗architecture / 🔗hacking-housing.
If you need help with anything, send a mail to david@totalism.org !


Last updated:
    2016-11-20 stub
    2016-12-06 draft
    2017-11-23 updated

Basic idea


Via Hackerspaces.org🔗Hackbase(R/W):
    A Hackbase or Hackerbase is a Live-in Hackerspace - a hackerspace with a capacity for coliving:

For a type-1 hackbase:
    * "Liquid" = anyone can come at any time, stay for any time, go at any time.
    * maximize ability to host people, minimize cost
    * a place to live and work ("coworking and coliving")
    * maximize "positive" and "negative" freedom:
        (maybe read Isiah Berlin here)
    * [...]

Document purpose:
    * replication instructions, or "how to start a hackbase" (this type, anyway)
    * define inter-coordination infrastructure (for several bases)
    * [...]

Necessary pieces

    * PLACE -- find & choose a suitable place:
        * low-cost !
        * interesting location:
            very populated? (cities, interesting suburbs, ...)
            very natural? (nature, landscapes, ...)
        * relatively free from interference (with neighbours, building owners)
        * reconfigurable (free to change interior at least to a normal extent)
        * [...]
        (classification related to 🔗land-attributes)

    * EQUIPMENT -- tools:
        * don't worry too much from the beginning to have everything.
        * necessary (house):
            * a functioning kitchen
            * household textile: towels, blankets, pillows, covers, sleeping bags, ...
            * beds / inflatable air mattresses
            * other house basics (washing machine, couches, mood lights, ...)
            * basic sound system
            * a medic box
        * necessary (lab):
            * work furniture (ergonomics): table, chairs
            * power plugs
            * net: internet uplink, house wifi coverage, LAN cables
            * simple house server
            * basic DIY tools: screwdrivers, battery multi-tool...
            * boxes / strong bags to organize things (cables, ...)
            * [...]
        * for reference, see:
            🔗stuff for example from CHT
            also, 🔗ordering (for things CHT is investigating)

    * HOUSE MANUAL -- master document:
        * example (for Lanzarote hackbase):
            🔗manual (also partially, 🔗web)
        * open editable by anyone:
            in this way, rules are maintained by consensus
            suggestion: using etherpad + 🔗E2H works best!
        * must contain:
            * basic info (where, purpose, financials, etc)
            * how to get there
            * rules and house dynamics, also see 🔗roles, 🔗newcomers
            * basic location context:
                nearby shops, transportation points, cultural sites
                (see 🔗maps for reference)
            * [...]

    * INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE -- reconfigurable, ergonomic:
        * create a transformable ("reconfigurable") space:
            * unfixed roles for rooms! (not separating sleeping/working space)
            * easily movable furniture
            * don't assemble things in a way that are difficult to change
            * use surface trays (TODO: missing picture)
            * [...]
        * maximize ergonomics (quality sitting) and work surfaces
        * maximize potential sleeping space:
            * repurposing secondary space (basements, attics, sheds, terraces...)
            * couches!
            * in-house tents!
            * build "sleeping pods"
            * practice "hot-bunking" (see Wiki🔗Hot_Racking(R/W) (radical)
            * [...]
        * some more ideas:
            * see 🔗hacking-housing for non-standard architecture inspiration
            * consider smoking and non-smoking places!
            * [...]
        * [...]

    * FINANCES -- sustainable financial model:
        * the proposed model is Subfinance:
            described in 🔗subfinance (especially "general expenses", presence)!
            and 🔗manual#____BUDGETING ("sustainable contribution")
        * find effective suppliers:
            food, energy, internet, etc
        * expected cost is ~400€/month (all inclusive) anywhere in Europe

    * COMMON WORKFLOW -- tools for notes, ideas and guiding action:
        * set up a website:
            * a hackerspaces.org entry will do at beginning
            * you can also host it at totalism.org (mail david@totalism.org)
        * add base to Hackerspaces.org🔗Hackbases(R/W) !
        * also add base to:
            * 🔗alike list
            * Nomadwiki
            * HackerCouch
            * [...]
        * for CHT, see 🔗workflow, especially "localnet"
        * also see parts of 🔗manual

    * PUBLICATION -- publish site & promote existence:
        * basic listings:
            * your own hackerspaces.org wiki profile
            * link on Hackerspaces.org🔗Hackbases(R/W)
            * add to 🔗alike
            * join #hackbases on Freenode
        * consult 🔗pr for more

Existing instances

    * Hackerspaces.org🔗Hackbases(R/W) !
    * 🔗alike

<----------- this should transclude from #alike via attributes!

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