flocking FLOCKING PROTOCOL for camp self-organisation //DRAFT//
How to start a new hackbase camp subseason
by @dcht00 of CHT Hackbase

* anyone can come over and use the base's equipment by themselves in an easy way
* groups of people can coordinate to self-organize subseasons, following this protocol
* this needs to be easy, fun, predictable, and reliable for anybody to initiate

Also see: 🔗newcomers, 🔗roles.


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Current situation and context

    History (2011-2014)
    CHT was a house, operating all year long. 🔗hackbase-type1 base. Anybody could come at any time, and it was easy to get going.

    NOW (2014-...) !
    * The project abandoned the house, developing a new model - 🔗hackbase-type2. Planning to buy rural land to settle on, as sketched on 🔗season4. To do this, we are in a transition period to experiment, define what we are looking for, and find the right plot. In this time, the hackbase means temporary camping on other people's lands.

    * When the base is not set up, we have to coordinate on when to come there together again.

    * Anybody can still come at any time, but it's a bit more complicated to set up a camp if nobody is there, than to just come to the house.
    * This is what this document is about.

Pre-flocking way of organising a new camp

Centralised on a single person:
    Interested people send emails to info@totalism.org currently read by David (david@totalism.org). I intercept, answer questions and inform the interested in "when next camp might happen". I sync my own schedule to where there might be other people coming & announce a subseason. I contact the people that expressed interest earlier and try to get a few of them to come.

That's bad because one person must:
    * to inform everybody, answer questions, etc
    * to synchronize everybody and decide when a new subseason happens and announces it
    * to actually be the first person there and know how to handle everything
    * to be there even if nobody else comes

People always asked "when I'm there" and relied on that. This must now be replaced by self-organised action.



You want to come to the base and it's currently not set up. Stages:

    Before subseason

    * Start position: there is nobody at the base
    * All the 🔗stuff is packed in base storage
    * People coordinate on the mailing list (🔗list / list@totalism.org) until they decide to set dates, or somebody takes initiative and goes there
    * All the information and plans is edited by anyone at next.totalism.org, which points to the current open planning pad
    * Do scheduling via 🔗schedule_
    * Everyone involved is clear with 🔗newcomers

        Setting a date + season start
    * Somebody ("First mover") takes initiative and decides to buy a flight:
        * gets approved on the mailing list to access 🔗stuff and 🔗trucko van if needed
        * coordinates with people on the island to pick up the things
        * may get mandate to spend some donation € reserves, following 🔗season4 development goals

    * The base has no own or set campground location:
        The person starting the camp decides where to set camp, using 🔗landsites.
    * This also involves a logistical element of moving everything for camp. We have friends who could help with driving. Using buses is also possible.


Write pages:
    * Start subseason page (like, 🔗season4-B) + set topics
    * Consult general season manifesto (like, 🔗season4)

Collaborate on:
    * Do 🔗ordering together
    * Have a pre-project virtual meet up to go over the above and make sure everyone’s clear on what’s expected
    * [...]

For +Admin:
    * Move where http://next.totalism.org points to
    * [...]

    See 🔗pr#____New_season___Promoting__plus__Checklist !

    (also see 🔗subfinance)
    * What is the total budget?
    * What to allocate it in advance for 🔗ordering?
    * What are the priority projects?
    * [...]

    (also see 🔗trucko)
    * Is anyone driving?
    * Can anyone maintain / fix a car?
    * [...]



        START: Access storage + unpack
    * Contact david@totalism.org for access to storage / 🔗stuff:
        * get contact and location of storage
        * get access (either by key, or by someone opening)
    * Make "status report": log and photos
    * Prepare subset useful for planned base
    * Other people come in and extend the camp

(Somebody wrote these questions before starting 🔗season4-B):

    * How to find / identify the campsite?:
        if the campsite is already existing, coordinate with people there via geolocation, and use 🔗maps!
        if not, it's up to you where to put it.

    * How to transport things between storage and campsite?:
        we now have a van, see 🔗trucko.
        before we borrowed cars or asked friends to do it, from CHT🔗CHT-contacts(R/W).

    * What items have priority, in case of limited transport capability? (Probably basic camping stuff like tents and sleeping bags, water):
        Yes. Things are organised in a way that should make sense.
        Currently working on more markings system. <----- #TODO #newcomers #flocking

    * Maybe there are non-obvious things to set up, that should be documented somewhere here?:
        Maybe - this is a best effort.

    * Take up and divide 🔗roles
    * Skip through 🔗manual <----- #TODO: needs retrofit, was written for a house
    * Report what's going on to the mailing list
    * Keep 🔗workflow
    * Keep CHT🔗workflow(R/W) (reviews + overviews)
    * Always know which (phase of some) protocol you're in:
        see CHT🔗cht-metaprotocol(R/W) <----------------------- (NOW)
    * [...]

        END: Camp teardown
    * Announce in advance what's happening on the mailing list.
    * Pack stuff back to storage:
        * proper weather protection and camouflage precautions !
    * Write a report and take pictures of the packed-up camp.
    * Finish a report about the subseason on the subseason pad.


****** Open questions / Pad

<------------------------ (new)

    Clearer storage: packing/unpacking

Have a clearer way of packing stuff so packing/unpacking is easier to understand.
At the moment the stuff is packed semi-randomly so there's some crawling through.

    * have more bigger boxes
    * take pictures of stuff + document all
    * measure approx times needed to set up everything

    * make sure you can't fuck up closing boxes on unpacking (weather damage)

a clearer way of packing stuff so packing/unpacking is easier to understand.
At the moment the stuff is packed semi-randomly so there's some crawling through.

    Decentralizing communication/organisation

* thoughts about slack or taiga.io?

    Next steps / TODO
    * go through subseason pages and find patterns!
    * same for 🔗roles

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