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Basic Personal Data, Education

Name: David Potočnik
Nationality: Slovene
Birth date: 27.6.1986, Kranj/Slovenia
        Slovene: native
        English: fluent
        Serbian: intermediate
        Croatian: intermediate
        Spanish: intermediate
        German: intermediate
        Russian: elementary
        +38640554854 (Slovenia)
        +34603118504 (Spain)
Public social media profiles:

1993-2005 | Primary and secondary education. Several honors on national level competitions: Computer Programming, Logic, English language.
2005 | Graduated high-school Gimnazija Kranj; final exams from Slovenian, English, Maths, History and Philosophy.
2005-2011 | Moved to Ljubljana to study Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
2010* | Working primarily on own projects. Living in different European capitals (London, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Helsinki, Ljubljana) and the CHT Hackbase (Lanzarote, Canary Islands)

Current status

Available for employment, R&D project work and consulting.
Working as a part of 🔗coop, can invoice easily anywhere in EU.

Email or tweet to @dcht00.



Ideation and conceptual technology expert.

* Fuzzy logic, Information Retrieval / Enterprise search and Recommendation systems
* Semantic Web / Linked Data Web, Open data, "Big data"
* conceptual and prototype Machine learning, Data mining
* Software development & deployment (language agnostic / polyglot)
* Concept mapping, Mental cartography, Workflows, Design Thinking, Knowledge management
* Software Architecture: Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
* Linux servers, System administration, Auditing, Opensource deployment, DevOps
* Hypermedia, Systems of representation, Data Visualization, Data Sonification
* Quantified self, Quantified environments; Sensors, IoT
* Numerics / Spreadsheets, Data Analytics, Data-driven companies
* Hackbases; creative tech retreats; Coliving, Coworking; Hackathons
* Sustainability, Sharing economy, P2P, Cooperatives; Open knowledge
* Philosophy of Technology, Metaphysics, Perspectivism, Computational Hermeneutics
* Architecture, Generative Design, Design Research, Automation

    Native environments

                GNU/Linux, Windows, DOS
                Android, Symbian, Maemo/Meego
                brief encounters: Arduino, Qt4, VxWorks, pSOS

    Programming languages (advanced knowledge)

        Java, Python, Bourne Shell

    Programming languages (deployed code)

        PHP, JavaScript, Ruby
        (not recently) Pascal, Delphi, C, C++, C#, Basic, PureData
        Interested in Lisp, Haskell and Scala.

    Solutions based on technologies and tools

        * Linux + Bash
        * Java; debugging, monitoring & management
        * advanced Apache Lucene & Solr, enterprise search
        * Python, basic Django framework (MVC)
        * Web (HTML, CSS)
        * relational databases; design, implementation, admin and tweaking via shell & GUI tools
        * revision control (GIT, SVN)
        * Eclipse IDE + plugins
        * UML, mind/concept mapping
        * Semantic Web: RDF, OWL, microformats
        * [...]

    (...more historically)

        * Java for web: Servlets, JSP, JSF, Tags, SSL, XML-over-HTTP
        * Java web containers (Apache Tomcat, Jetty)
        * J2ME & mobile technologies (Bluetooth, etc.) with Sun Java Wireless Toolkit
        * Microsoft .NET 3.0, especially WPF (XAML)
        * Commons Logging, Log4J
        * XML, XSLT, DTD, XML Schema, XPath; JDOM lib; JSON, pickle, etc.
        * graph databases

    Linux experience

        * Desktop: 2007-... (Ubuntu, migrating to NixOS)
        * Server: 2009-... (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenWRT)
        * Selfhosted workflow systems:
            Etherpad, Mediawiki, Trac, Git, Owncloud, ...
        * DB administration (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3)
        * Apache HTTP Server
        * Cloud-based virtual servers (EC2, Azure)
        * [...]

    more specifically:
        #TOMERGE !!!!


    Current projects (2009-)

        MIDDLEMACHINE: Intelligent Ideation-Execution-Publication Platform
Software project: ubiquitous idea capture + machine learning + context-awareness + subjective/intersubjective thoughtspace mapping. A fragment engine. In this regard, it challenges not only calendars, todo lists, note-taking, mind maps, groupware software, etc - but also the fixed & linear narrative of any text.
* won a Mini Seedcamp (most prominent EU startup competition) in 2010
* incorporated as a ltd company
* awarded two 3-year entrepreneurship grants in 2010 and 2011
* won competition & cooperation agreement with Nokia (with Maemo/Meego)
Personal dataset example:
The software is publicly unreleased.

        TOTALISM.ORG HACKBASE: Free Living and Subsistence Platform
A hackbase is a new concept of a live-in hackerspace: an open theoretical and practical counter-culture platform, providing hackers, theorists and artists a short or long-term place to live and work. CHT#1 (Lanzarote, Canarias, Spain) established late 2011, over 100 residents so far. I presented the project on a number of visible European hack and sharing culture events. Space presents unique problems in sociodynamics, architecture, resource management, and is a playground for everything from sensor networks to molecular gastronomy.

    Past work


2009 | Working at Razum
Home Automation project for Hitachi in early design/planning stages. (

2007-2008 | Working at Zemanta
Semantic content enhancement platform (, member of base core team. Went through three-month Seedcamp 2007 ( stay in London.
 * Responsible for "Related Articles" and "Related Images" features. Primary tasks include preparing and indexing massive amounts of data from and into extravagant forms, bleeding edge work w/ Solr enterprise search server & custom-built underlying Lucene search library (custom parametric request handlers, fuzzy reasoning logic, exposing and influencing gut-level search scoring,...), administering all those indexes, both development and production, and heaps of tweaking to deliver relevant, sub-second results. Completely modular design to fit in the general distributed system (Amazon EC2); auto-deployment sh scripts.
 * Java Servlets-based test environment for dynamic set-up and evaluation of multiple Index instance variations to assist reasoning development
 * co-design/implementation of a tester-ready inhouse quality control environment. Python/Django
 * got acquainted with a lot of interesting folks and a broad specter of incoming "Web 3.0" technologies and concepts

2007 | Working at Marg
 * "News Reader" application for Microsoft, planned to launch w/ four biggest local daily newspapers, and ship with Windows Vista. Intense meetings; rapid development to transform Microsoft's source into a working demo. Designed mNITF data structure, based on NITF standard. Application was presented at Microsoft NT conference's 2007 keynote, biggest local IT event, as the first local .NET 3.0 application.
 * integration support for 'Vecer' and several weeks of integration at 'Finance' newspapers; learned to wrestle with "troublesome" systems
 * lectured a course in basic programming concepts to a group of humanistics students

2004-2006 | Working at Active Tools
 * co-design/implementation of a web-based licence management system using Java Servlets, MySQL/solidDB and Apache Tomcat; developed for IskraTEL SI2000 V6 product family end-customers
 * design and implementation of a web & J2ME "shopping assistant" application * mainly the server, web end-user client, and web administration dashboard with basic data mining/visualization parts
 * implemented a J2ME/JSR-82(Bluetooth)->GPRS data-bridge solution for remote heart-monitoring
 * environment preparation, testing, performance analysis and documentation of a pSOS embedded OS FAT32 implementation, for WindRiver (in C)
2002 | Internship at Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering/University of Ljubljana
Digitalization / vectorization of the geologic map of Slovenia. Approached several problems in the workflow. (Microstation w/ Iras C, MapInfo)

Areas of Interest and Future Focus

Future focus:
    * Systems of representation
    * Hypermedia, post-Internet
    * Computational Hermeneutics (intersubject understanding via intelligent agents)
    * new lifestyles beyond live-work dichotomy; theory & practical strategies for creating Commons beyond consumerism
    * Tactical self-hosed workflow technologies
    * Application of modern technology in the postmodern society, modeling of human production behaviour, automatisation and mechanization of all work
    * New approaches to composition, and data sonification
    * Free software and free societies
    * 3D graphics and sound as a system of representation

Other interests:
    Philosophy (logic/Aristotle/Nietzsche/Wark). Music (no wave, contemporary composition, studio technology, experimental electronics). Mountaineering, mountain biking. Cooking, wines. Films (B/film-noir/David Lynch/Dario Argento).

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