(developments around 2017-10 / ECA)

Transcends the distinction between "right to the city" vs "hippie escape to nature".
Part of 🔗architecture.

Also see 🔗cfp-jvea!

*********** NEW CITY

Design directions
    * low cost:
        lower side of between 1k (CHT) and 100k (NORMAL)
    * low resource use!
    * simple and accessible to manufacture!:
        create necessary industry as part of the city. (self-replicating)
    * ("post" existing) culture:
        * new, post-nuclear family modes of being
        * each place has its own culture anyway!
        * this one just has a different geneaology
        (had discussion with Gustavo, for a "maximum reconfigurations", but can't remember)
    * shared participation for stakeholders:
        * migrants
        * young without houses
        * [...]
    * prevent ghetto-isation!
    * make cool enough to put on cultural map

Money & resource considerations
    * ground up, already-available public (base)
    * sponsorship, own production abundance (upgrades)

various CHT #numerics

Project: Extramadura
    * build test cities in Extramadura
    * go orders of magnitude up each year (100, 1000, 10k, 100k, 1mil)
    * [...]

*********** GENERAL 

What would people do there?
    * subsist!
    * have more free time
    * leave proto-fascist dynamics in existing cities
    * find comrades and new sociophysics patterns
    * bootstrap further regenration (more hypercities, more hypernature)

What do people currently do in cities? What are cities for?


#TODO !!!!!!

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