cht4b-christina Christina
Date of stay 12 April - 17 April 2015

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Areas possibly needing further thought/improvement

Possible approach for next CHT




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Possible approach for day breakdown <-- #subtime
This will really depend on the people there, some people work best very late at night and some people in the morning so this is just a suggestion 

A typical day may possibly break down as follows:

9am - 10am     Personal time - get up, wash etc
10am - 10.30   huddle and briefly discuss any issues from the previous day and what is expected in current day
10.30 - 11        carry out allotted tasks (practical ones to do with running the camp, cooking/cleaning etc)
11am - 12pm   breakfast
12 - 12.30        carry out allotted tasks
1 - 5                 Project work (practical and research)
5 - 7                 Personal time
7 - 7.30            carry out allotted tasks 
7.30 - 9            Dinner
9 - 9.30            Group reflection on days event to feed into improvements for the next day
9.30 - 12          Personal time/ or participate in group activities/discussions

Again this is just a suggestion and would be discussed and agreed with those planning on attending


Discussion that stuck with me from the camp
The idea of a nomadic/porous community as opposed to a more stable/closed community is something that made an impression on me. I think I like the idea that anyone is welcome. However you would have to have a very strong structure/rules/feedback loop to support this. <-- #postcommunity

Perhaps CHT’s vision needs thinking through a bit more as to exactly what it’s trying to achieve. For me it’s clearly some sort of community, especially in this phase.
Perhaps at the moment it is about creating temporary camps to work on the idea of providing cheap infrastructure to facilitate individuals to do what they want in life without having to work full time in unsatisfying jobs. <-- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good
However it is still very much a work in progress. I guess it was easier when there was a permanent physical space that provided ready made infrastructure, housing, water, power etc. Now it’s migrated to something a little different and much more labour intensive.

My own motivations in being involved and what impact it’s had on my outlook
Personally I was attracted to CHT because of its tech focus. Although I’m not a coder or hacker I have worked in software development as a project manager for nearly 20 years. I have also had an interest in communes and what works and doesn’t. <-- #people #cbr

My overall experience of CHT camp was positive although as outlined above I think structure and vision are important. 

I would question whether it is necessary/advisable to buy land in order to move this project forward, I think the important thing is to clarify the vision and get a group of people willing to attend the temporary camps to develop the idea further. 
<-- Without land:
    * you spend money for it anyway
    * every camp needs to negotiate a place to stay, has to pack and unpack, move around, etc
    * difficult to have #storage
    * difficult to build anything that would last (semi-permanent)
    * [...]
So #landhunt must stay a top priority.

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