base-eu CHT#EU mobile hackbase
Replicating 🔗hackbase-type2 in mainland Europe

Status: PLANNED.
(Example: 🔗season4-C packed up)

Last updates:
    2016-03-17 stub
    2016-03-17 touch
    2016-04-10 ground this for squatconf 16 (end of April @Berlin)
    2016-04-25 last call for squatconf try!
    2017-07-19 touch
    2017-09-20 merged most content to 🔗hackbase-type2


    2018 (PLANNED)

Looks like a good year to do something about it.

Read 🔗hackbase-type2, and 🔗contact to get involved.

    April 2016 @ Berlin/DE (FAILED)

Where is this organised?:
    #squatconf and #hackbases channels on Freenode
    mail for private questions

To make this happen:
    * need 35 people-nights (PN's) committed for 10€
    * (meaning, like 6 people staying 5 days)
    * ... by morning of April 28th <------------- Deadline
    * Won't be as nice as Airbnb, but *will be Squatting*

People + contributions:
    * david/dcht00: on-site all april + full experience to organise one: 5 PN
    * yangwao (coming on 25th from Hamburg, staying till 2/5, idk how I can help for now, may cash)
    * hairyfotr: can contribute cash
    * readevalprint: cash, various tools
    * <-------------- add yourself here (EDIT BUTTON ON BOTTOM)

    * Deployment:
        Berlin, APRIL 11 - MAY 5th 2016:
        (shopping + packing before this)
    * Covered events:
        * Anthropocene Campus (apr 14-23)
        * Squatconf (apr 29,30)
        * re:publica (may 2,3)
    * Weather:
        * not so cold anymore! can be outside!
        * can heat tents. wear warm clothes.
    * Location:
        * camp would be either:
            * squatting nature near Berlin (30min s-bahn)
            * OR squatting a building for a week
        * both options are adventurous but possible
        * we think we won't get beaten up or taken to prison

    * all the contributions are invested into infrastructure
    * the stuff (tents, power infrastructure, etc) stays stored for future re-use!
    * hopefully to serve a lot of self-organised people later!
    * [...]

    * financials: pretty much covered if there's 30 nights minimum
    * driver!! somebody with a car: got it
    * storage post-event: probably won't be a problem
    * [...]

    * finalize a list of parts
    * buy all the shit


Seriously connect with regional instances, and interested people.

    * KuM base
    * tg?
    * [...]

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