E2H E2H: "Etherpad Hypermedia"

Auto-generates and restyles open-editable websites,
by transforming Etherpad text pads to HTML format.
by @dcht00 (david@middlemachine.com) from the CHT hackbase

http://translatewiki.net/images/thumb/6/6f/Etherpad_lite.svg/200px-Etherpad_lite.svg.png Etherpad   http://php.net/images/logos/php-med-trans.png PHP  http://seeklogo.com/images/C/css-logo-36E0A08420-seeklogo.com.gif CSS

Last updates:
    2014-10-xx first version, hacked @ TechInc, Amsterdam
    2015-10-30 readying for release
    2016-01-29 added CSS support
    2016-10-07 feature additions
    2017-04-19 more feature additions


Generates websites from Etherpad pads!

    * This site!
    * http://totalism.org/
    * 🔗season4
    * 🔗manual
    * 🔗alike
    * [...]

    * insert images
    * simple internal and cross-instance links
    * hyperlinks-on-text
    * auto-generated table of contents
    * pad-editable or static CSS styling (themes)
    * page footer with "Edit pad" and "Edit CSS" buttons
    * powerful text-to-graph capability
    * transclusion (inclusion of pages by reference) and partial transclusion
    * support for pods:
        * for simple addressing of content on other Etherpad/Mediawiki instances
        * seamless mirroring of currently-inaccessible content
    * SSL support
    * [...]

Works with...

    Your own Etherpad instance

Contact david@middlemachine.com if you need any help setting this up for your small site, project or organisation.

If you want your own deployment, see 🔗E2H#Deployment.
Source code by default is Peer-Production License.

You can use the current hosted deployment freely, after I whitelist your Etherpad instance (see below).

    Existing Etherpad instances

All modern Etherpad-lite instances, like:
    * http://pad.totalism.org/
    * http://piratepad.be/
    * http://piratenpad.de
    * http://board.net (example)
    * [...]

Old Etherpad instances:
    * Mozpad:
        http://festival.etherpad.mozilla.org/-kylTRteukS ->
    * Titanpad works:
        http://titanpad.com/3SOIzaVeOi ->
    * http://pads.ccc.de/
    * [...]

If you are having problems using it with any specific pad, or need to whitelist a server, contact me.


    Pad syntax

To style the text, just use Etherpad styles:
    Bold, Italic, Underline.

Edit this pad (button on bottom!) to see usage examples for most of these.

    * Insert images:
        like "[img:http://LINK|WIDTH]" <-- width like "50%" or "300px"

    * Links-on-text:
        like "text_label"
    * Insert automatic TOC:
        like "[TOC]"
        bold+underline text to create a heading
        drop increments of 4 spaces for subheadings
        helps a lot with content organisation!
    * Internal links ("intralinks"):
        example: "🔗E2H" (for pad of same name)

    * Cross-instance links ("cross-links"):
        like "[:pod:padname]"
        example: "Wikipedia🔗Ted_Nelson(R/W)"
    * Query for pictures from folder:
        like "[pics:part_of_filename]"
        (example on 🔗trucko page)
    * Include google "My maps":
        * like "[gmap:google_mid|label]"
        * get:
            * rendered link with .kmz and .gpx exports
            * automatic offline backups
        * see on 🔗maps (top list)
        * [...]

    * Include content via Date:
        as "[date:YYYY-MM-DD]" and then "[date++]"
        This auto-includes related content (images, ...) from the archives, under a subheading.
        Useful for logs.
    * [extra:visible|hovered]:
        for explanations on text, like this
    * [TRANSCLUDE:url] and [TRANSCLUDEX::padname:query_part]

    * [style:padname]:
        nab style from another pad!
        (actually, includes "padname-css" into stylesheet)
    * [...] <----------------- (new)

Arbitrary small syntax (might get more power in the future):
    * "    * ":
        a bullet (unordered list, or a "set")
    * "    > ":
        an option (either-or list, or a "set of options")
    * "[...]":
        add more bullets here!
    * "???" or "(?)":
        needs more clarification
    * "(new)":
        place in pad to add new content, to be sorted later
    * [...]

    Page rendering (optional parameters)

    * &STYLE to include CSS styling
    * &BTN to include 'Edit pad' button at the bottom
    * &BTNCSS to include "Edit CSS" buton
    * &css=[XXX] specify one of the built-in themes (found in E2H folder as css-XXX.css)
    * &customcss=[path to .css file] specify own .css theme. See Theming below.

    * &noAnchors to disable autoinserting anchors on underline+bold text
    * &noTOC to disable TOC, even if inserted into page
    * &DEBUG to enable DEBUG mode

    * &CSSPAD ... Don't think it works atm? Check...

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  

    * specify content license
    * "Edit pad" button position: top/bottom/side
    * enable navigation in header (by specifying link to pad with a list of items)

    New features

(Some of these are documented in more details internally).

    * PIWIK open source analytics support:
        see http://piwik.org

    * transclusion:
        * any foreign page
        * full inner page, or page on any pod
        * partial transclusion (by section)

    * set page style (CSS) via pad:
        * CSSPAD works now
        * "_=XXX" master override
        * example: http://localhost/CHT/E2H/http://totalism.org/cht5-frags&CSSPAD=hyperphoto

    * draw network graphs by Etherpad:
        using the "[graph]" directive, parsed via own intermediate language, to Graphviz
        (see 🔗graph-beer for a simple example)

    * Linkroute:
        discovers and routes to content on local machine, physically accessible resources (external drives), and from other trusted nodes (in a distributed / P2P DNS way)

    * specific instance configuration:
        " __CONFIG_LOCAL" file

    * local network autoconfiguration:
        useful for deployments on laptops as etherpad+E2H servers, retaining functioning links

    * Offline regular backups:
        uses E2T + cronjobs + DISTRO + git gui.
        Stores: .txt and .html versions.

    * hypothes.is annotation support:
        * either via URL:
            add "&hypo" OR "&hypo&stick" (to continue browsing site in annotation mode)
        * or by adding to any pad (to make annotation there by default):

    * [...] <----------------------- (new)


Custom theme via .css file:
    Use the above .css file as the base for your theme.
    If you want to just mess with the colors a bit, it's best to find+replace current colors (which are used several times inside the .css).

Custom theme via pad file:

Default style if not specified:
    (or equivalent in your install)



    #1: Use my proxy [Simplest!]

Use the "http://totalism.org/e2h.php" E2H proxy.
Please contact me in this case, so I can whitelist your service.

        For Etherpad-Lite instances

    * http://totalism.org/e2h.php?link=pad.totalism.org/p/E2H&STYLE&BTN&noTOC&CSSPAD
    * http://totalism.org/e2h.php?link=pad.totalism.org/p/web&STYLE&BTN&noTOC
    * http://totalism.org/e2h.php?link=piratepad.be/p/hbf-bxl-2014&STYLE&BTN
    * http://totalism.org/e2h.php?link=lite4.framapad.org/p/Alps_Hackathon_camp_2014&STYLE&css=whitey

    'link' = link to the Etherpad-lite pad url, only part after "http://"

        For old Etherpad instances (Mozpad, TitanPad, ...)

    * http://totalism.org/e2h.php?link=teams.piratenpad.de&pad=D7Krh5QPiy&NONLITE&STYLE
    * http://totalism.org/e2h.php?link=titanpad.com&pad=3SOIzaVeOi&STYLE&BTN&NONLITE&CSSPAD=E2H
    * http://totalism.org/e2h.php?link=festival.etherpad.mozilla.org&pad=-kylTRteukS&STYLE&BTN&NONLITE :
        (mozilla etherpad down 2017-09-14)

    link = domain only
    pad = pad name
    Add "&NONLITE" parameter.

    #2: Self-hosted

Contact david@middlemcahine.com if you're interested in the source code and setup instructions.

Future development / Todos

See 🔗E2H-todo !

    * hypertheory, see 🔗text and 🔗hyperreader
    * Ted Nelson's view of the web, see Wikipedia🔗Project_Xanadu(R/W)
    * also see 🔗workflow, for developments to cover the CHT Hackbase's case
    * [...]

Support the development

See 🔗donate, or hire me to help you set this up.


The Etherpad logos by Marcel Klehr are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

JavaScript license information

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