33c3-hwb Hackers Without Borders (HWB)
33c3 meeting
2016-12-29, 8pm @C.4

Existing channels & materials

* website:
    * http://hillhacks.in/hwb
    * [...]

* mailing list:
    post: hwb@lists.hillhacks.in
    subscribe here: http://lists.hillhacks.in/mailman/listinfo/hwb
    archive: http://lists.hillhacks.in/mailman/private/hwb/ (members only)

* irc:
    #hwb on hackint !

* 33c3 wiki for this event:

* domain!:
    http://h.w.b.cx (?)
    #TODO : unused?

Past activities

    * hillhacks got some grants 2 years ago (WebWeWant + 1 more)
    * hackbeach



* who's involved:
    * +tomate
    * [Y]: q@qdot.me @qdotme
    * david@totalism.org (can offer orga/documentation/systematics help, etc)
    * [...]

have 2, need a third "Vorstand"!

discussion about "mV":
    "online" vs non-online (?)

Q: kill or not to kill the eV?:
    most say "don't kill"!

    lots of german bureocracy

    * keep this "fiscal vehicle"
    * "better to
    * "international collaborations are a hot grant topic these days"
    * "there are a lot of cool"

* idea:
    why not rather shape and clearly offer "services"
    and define clear and simple processes?

* bureocracy volounteers...?:
    * flypps (daniel@flypps.de)
    * [...]


* CCT relation +mo:
    see http://techcultivation.org/
    (just starting to operate in 2017-01!)

    * sva has a Cairo connection
    * see http://www.gemsi.org/ and +bilal.ghalib
    * [...]

* <hauro:
    * i liked the idea of "to export the idea of a grassroots, community driven events"
    * if it continues to exist, "develop design patterns" ... something like "HS design patterns" [for events]
    * [...]

* <qdotme:
    * how to be narrow enough to be useful?

* <sva:
    * yes, "hack event design patterns" would be great
    * EMF, SHA, C3, ... India - could sit together, "construct a form/frame" via "same experiences"

* <qdotme:
    * more a resource, OR a government structure/confederation OR direct assistance?
    * "helping create something like C3 in Africa would be fantastic"
    * don't try to do everything - find a balance
    * one thing we lack as congress is a proper, very high-level/broad documentation of the infrastructure
    * [...]

* <?:
    * (question of format):
        * "could be done in an interview style" (VS wiki)
        * "putting out the structure just by asking"
        * [...]

* <qdotme:
    * "spread OS solutions to private events" ... infobeamer, ...
    * [...]

* <david:
    * as HWB, help guide Infrastructure conversations on self-org hacker events, set cross-event talk agenda, note and curate the outcomes, "bring them together" into narratives
    * just check 🔗calendar (or http://totalism.org/calendar), it's full of events
    * send people to all these events (just ctrl+f for "camp"), and have them discuss Infra in a broad, inter-exchange context


* fix bureocracy

* take care of mV (date + ping people + [...])

* [...]

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